Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

  • Milan, Italy Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. And no matter if you are a fashionista or not, it should be on your travel bucket lists. It offers great diversity between culture and fashion. Also the different people that you could meet there can give you so much to appreciate later.

    Milan has something special about it different than the architecture, fashion or culture – it is the World’s Fair. And if you have the luck to visit the city between May and October, you won’t regret it. It is a huge gathering, that includes 146 participants, all under the motto ‘feeding the world, energy for life’.

  • Berlin, GermanyBerlin is a city that has gone through much, yet it still saves its art, culture and relaxed side. It is a beautiful blend between modern and vintage all around. The Jewish history, the Berlin Wall, the Kulturforum and the parties – they all make a great place to visit.

    Berlin is a perfect place for young people, because the vibes of the city are on the streets. It is an inspiring place and it could be perfect if you are an artist. Since Berlin is a capital and it is a huge city it has a lot of everything. Dining could not be more fun – just because you can eat literally everything.

    And the best thing – you never know where you will end up. A night in Berlin could be one to remember forever, just because hidden and strange places are all around. If you are in Berlin you should most definitely try to get in Berghain – the best alternative, electro club in Europe.

  • Kyoto, JapanIt is one of those places, you can’t believe exist until you actually visit it. When people decide to go to Japan they always choose Tokyo, but Kyoto is going to give you a run for your money.

    There is no other place in the world filled with some much culture, blossomed trees, geisha’s, history. And yes, Geisha women just walk around the city – imagine that! Gion is the geisha district in Kyoto and actually is the only authentic one left in the whole Japan. The Golden and Silver Pavilion are a must, when you are thinking about visiting.

    And last, but not least – let’s not forget the amazing food. Beautiful meals and sushi are everywhere upon you. Go to a traditional tea ceremony – an experience that even the British people will be fascinated with.

  • Havana, CubaCuba is a beautiful warm country. It is cultural, filled with colors and music. And especially Havana. It is a place where you go for the fun. And you go knowing that. What to expect from Havana? Well – rum, music, cigars and dancing.

    The thing that makes the trip even more worthed are the people. They will make you feel more than welcomed. Locals love people and enjoy jamming with them on the streets or just chatting. They are just warmhearted and interesting and open.

    Another thing about Havana are the colors and cars. I am sure you have all seen the colorful vintage cars that many pictures of Havana include. Also the houses and clothes are colorful – once you get here you wouldn’t in any way want to leave.

  • Easter IslandIt is one of those places, that you actually never thought of putting on your bucket list. It is a Polynesian island with an amazing history. You will be fascinated by the moais – the long faces statues that are almost 1000 years old. That is actually what the island is famous for. But don’t think that is all.

    Every February the Easter Island holds an amazing festival – Tapati celebration. It is a two week non-stop of parades, historic dramas, competitions, music and people enjoying life. Also in February it is a summer there!

    Also, let’s not forget a very special thing about the Easter Island – it has one of the clearest waters in the South Pacific. And why not swim in them? Also, those waters provide fresh fish, that the locals cook in ways you never imagines eating it. The cuisine here is to die for. So enjoy a dinner with a view – watch the sunset form any local restaurant with a view while sipping on a delicious wine.

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