Top World Festivals to Visit in January


There are a lot of people who think that the most interesting festivals in the world are in the summer, or in the spring, when the weather in warmer. However, this is not always the case. For example, the traditional festivals that date back to centuries ago are often in the winter.

People in Europe, for example, have a lot of holidays in the winter because in the part people did not have many things to do at that time of the year. They were mainly working on the field in the summer and did not have much time for celebrations. That is why traditional holidays take place in the winter.

There are a lot of places all over the world that have preserved their traditions and still have some very interesting winter festivals. Today we are going to find out which the most popular world festivals in January are. You still have time to attend some of them.

#1 Cartagena International Music Festival, Columbia

The first festival in the list is not a traditional one, but a new one – a music festival. This is a festival for all the people who cannot wait for the music festivals in the summer. The temperatures in Cartagena at this time of the year are not low which is one of the main unwritten rules about music festivals.

This is an international festival which a lot of famous musicians attend. It takes place every January for about 8-10 days. This year the festival was set from the 6th to the 16th of January.

#2 Voodoo Festival, Benin

Any fans of the voodoo? There are not many people in the world who are familiar with the birthplace of voodoo. One could probably guess that it is one of the African countries. Have you heard of Benin? This is actually the birthplace of Voodoo. There is a voodoo festival that takes place in Benin every year on 10th January.

There are people who come from all over the world to see it. The festival includes a lot of dances, songs and colors. Another of the things that one will have the chance to see there is animal sacrifices and prayers for peace. Some people may find some of the rituals a bit off-putting, but it is a very good way to get to know African culture.

#3 La Tamborada, Spain

La Tamborada is one of the most popular Spanish festivals. It is also known as the Drum Festival among the English-speaking world. La Tamborada takes place every year on the 20th January in San Sebastian, Spain. And as you can guess from the name of it, it includes a lot of drums. The festival begins at midnight at Plaza de Constutioc`ion where the flag is raised.

And from then on till midnight on the next day, the only sound residents and guests of the town can hear is the sound of drums. One can see children dressed in sweet uniforms banging drums. And some people who do not have drums can bang on barrels. The festival is very interesting and it is worth attending.

#4 Festival in the Desert, Mali

The next festival in the list is another one which takes place in Africa, but this time in Mali. And this is the Festival of the Desert. It is an annual holiday which takes place the second weekend of January. It lasts three days and it is also known among people as “the most remote music festival”. It takes place in the desert, 65 kilometers from the nearest town, Timbuktu.

Do not worry, you would not have to walk there because it would certainly take you ages. You can go there by jeep, or you can take a camel ride if you want to make the experience even more authentic. You need to know, though, that it would take you three days to get there by camel.

#5 Bikaner Camel Festival, India

If you have always wanted to visit India, then you could do it in January. There are two reasons for this: the weather is warm and you could attend one of its famous festivals. This is Biikaner Camel Festival. The dates of the festival vary because it takes place according to the Indian Lunar Calendar.

The festival lasts two days and as you can probably guess, it is full of camels. You will have the chance to see a lot of camel races. And you will have the chance to ride one if you want as well. Enjoy your time with these amazing animals that are symbol of the Indian culture.

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