Top Things to Must Do in Ireland When You Are There
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Top Things to Must Do in Ireland When You Are There

It is no accident that Ireland is also known as the Emerald Island. The amazing nature it has is just breathtaking, but this is not the only thing worth seeing when you go in Ireland. The country is iconic in many ways, so it would be just a waste of time not to experience everything Ireland can offer you while you are there. If, however, you cannot name more than 2 reasons to visit this beautiful country, you could certainly use some help with the information. Check out which are the top things to see and experience in Ireland.

#1 Guinness storehouse

There is just no way you have not heard of the famous Guinness beer even if you have not tasted it. Well, it is no wonder why it is so delicious since it is Irish beer. Ireland has a well-developed brewing industry. They produce some of the most qualified kinds of beer in the world. So, it is just essential that you try some of the most famous Irish beers.

Another thing you should not miss to do while you are there is to visit the Guinness Storehouse. It is based in the heart of Dublin which makes it quite comfortable as a tourist destination. It is probably the most popular attraction in the city – since 2000 more than 4 million tourists have visited the storehouse. If you go there, you can also learn interesting facts about the brewing techniques and the very place itself.

#2 The festivals

Ireland may not be the first country which pops up in your mind when you think of festivals, but in fact Ireland has a lot of festivals which you can attend and have a lot of fun there. For example, you could attend Cat Laughs Comedy Festival. This is probably Ireland’s favorite festival. It in the beginning of the summer in the medieval city of Kilkenny (this year it would take place during 2nd and 6th June). This festival is a symbol of the Irish sense of humor and the great Irish comedians. Nowadays not only Irishmen participate in the festival, but also many other international comedians. One thing is for sure if you visit the festival – you would definitely have a lot of fun.

#3 The Burren

Stonehenge may be quite a popular tourist attraction, but it is not the only one you can visit on the island. In fact, the Burren it is probably the most unique place in Ireland which dates back to the Middle Ages. The name of the place derives from the Gaelic word “Boireann” which means “a rocky place”. And that is what the Burren is. It has distinctive limestone formations with rare species of flora and fauna. In fact, the natural diversity you can find there is the only one in Europe. So, if you are interested in such kind of natural phenomena, you should definitely pay a visit to the Burren.

#4 Dublin pubs

There is just no way for any tourist who visits Ireland to skip the famous Irish pubs. If there is one thing that is a must for every person visiting Ireland for the first time, then these are the pubs. This is because pubs are important part of the Irish life and culture. There could be places without restaurants, discos, and bars, but there would certainly not be ones with no pubs.

So, if you want to experience the Irish life at its best, make sure you include going to a pub in your must-see list. Usually the center is this part of the Irish cities which is full of pubs which is normal since the city life mainly happens in the center. The pubs are also the places where art life happens. There is the main concentration of artists and musicians. You can surely increase your artistic knowledge if you spend every night in your vacation in Ireland at a pub.

#5 The wild Atlantic Way

The Atlantic way is basically the whole of Ireland’s west coast. It is about 2, 400 km. It may not be the most popular type of experience in Ireland, but you would not regret it for sure. The spectacular scenery you are going to see is just breathtaking. On the one side of the road you will see amazing green fields, while on the other the deep Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Way follows some villages also where the passengers may stop to have a break and at the same time to experience the rural life of Ireland. This kind of trip is perfect if your vacation is longer or if you want to find some inner peace. After taking it, a lot of people say that the journey has changed their lives more or less.

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