Top Things to Do in New Zealand
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Top Things to Do in New Zealand


New Zealand is an amazing country which attracts tourists from all over the world, no matter whether flight tickets would be expensive or not. And you can be sure that once you visit this country, you would not want to go back. Since it is so far from other countries, apart, of course, from Australia, it is no wonder why it boosts with such an interesting culture and such unique nature. It is a place where you can find relaxation and forger about all the problems you have. So, if you are still wondering whether or not to visit this country, look at the top things to see and do in New Zealand.

#1 Go hiking

If you are looking for a place that is perfect for hiking, you can definitely try with New Zealand. Let’s just not mention the amazing nature it has which is quite suitable for trekking. There are mountain tops that are not very high and that are suitable for people who are still beginner hikers. If you match this experience to the amazing nature, sights, and the unique smell of the unique nature, one would feel that they are in heavens. If you are not much into trekking, you could go around the country by car.

#2 Go on a road trip

There are two big islands that are the main territory of New Zealand – the North and the South Islands. They, of course, are not extremely big and a person is perfectly capable of having a road trip around the islands by car for a week or two. The time it is going to take you, of course, depends on the number of times you stop to have a break from the drive and to admire the amazing nature.

#3 Visit the Middle Earth

There is not a fan of Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings that does not know where they were filmed – New Zealand, of course. The movie is very interesting itself, but if it was not for the setting, its rating would probably not be as high as it is. In fact, the film was responsible for this country to become so popular among tourists. Not only because of the sweet little houses where hobbits live, but also because of the breathtaking scenery. So, you could watch the films one more time and this time pay special attention to the setting, that is, if there is any need to do it.

#4 Experience the Māori culture

As every country in the world, New Zealand has its unique history and culture, part of which is the Māori culture. If you take an organized tour to experience it, you could have a lesson and be taught some words and phrases from their language. It is also very interesting to find out what their unique tattoos mean. Their dances and singing are also very specific. Some people say it reminds them a little of the Hawaiian culture, but there is, of course, a lot of symbolism which is only part of the Māori culture. People need to experience it not only because it is interesting, but also because it is another look at how people perceive life and what they think the meaning of life is. Who knows, maybe this culture will influence you so much that it may help you find who you are.

#5 Just go to the beach

Australia and New Zealand are famous for having some amazing beaches, that is is just unthinkable to visit the country and not to go to the beach once. If you love the beach, you could simply spend all of your holiday there and you can be sure that the time there would certainly will not be wasted.

#6 Do a water sport

If you still want to spend your days at the beach, but still with some action, you could try some water sports, like canoeing, water-skiing and even surfing. If you are a big fan of the marine world, you could go scuba diving.

This way you will have the opportunity to see the amazing underwater world of New Zealand. And who knows, you may also have the opportunity to actually see dolphins or whales swimming close to you. And this is not uncommon.

If you do not want to scare away the dolphin, you should let it come to you. And if it allows you, you may stroke it and swim with it. The feeling is amazing. It basically feel as if you and nature become one.

While you are in New Zealand you should not forget to taste the local dishes and pay attention to the local dialect. And most of all, just have fun and enjoy everything you experience in this amazing country.

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