Top Spring Break Travel Hacks
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Top Spring Break Travel Hacks

The season of Spring Break is finally here and students are packing their bags to go to some warm place, to sunbath, and to have wild parties till the sun comes up. However, if you do not want your Spring Break to be ruined by some minor, but still unpleasant circumstances, you should better prepare yourself well.

And by “prepare yourself well” I mean “prepare your luggage well” because it is the one thing which can really saves you in some sticky situations. Check out the top travel hacks we have prepared for you so that your Spring Break vacation goes smoothly and with no luggage problems at all.

#1 Have a big carry-on bag

If you are travelling by plane, you must prepare for having your luggage lost. This happens to a lot of passengers all over the world, so do not worry if this happens to you, but you should be prepared for it. So, you need to make sure you have a carry-on bag that is big enough to hold all of your essential things you will need if your luggage gets lost.

Put in the bag an extra pair of clothes, or at least some clean underwear since you will be definitely needing it after the flight. You may also want to put some toothpaste and a toothbrush in there, probably a mascara and some wet wipes as well. It is better to be prepared than to be sorry.

#2 Protect your makeup from breaking with a cotton pad

We have all experienced the horror of having some makeup product, like eyeshadows, or powders, break. Then they simply become unusable. Or not. If some kind of makeup powder breaks, you can put it back together by simply adding some drops of alcohol into the powder to connect the broken pieces.

If, however, you do not want your makeup products to break in the first place, you simply should protect them when you are flying. As you know, not a single suitcase is protected when it is loaded on the plane. So, if you want to make sure not a single makeup powder or eyeshadow is broken, simply put a cotton piece on top of it, in with the packaging. This way the cotton will serve as a force field that will protect your makeup products.

#3 Prevent shampoos from leaking

Carrying a shampoo, a shower gel, or conditioner in your bag has its bad and good sides. The good one is that you will be definitely needing some toiletries when you arrive and you want to make sure that they are suitable for your type of skin and hair. The bad side, though, is that these are all liquid products and they often leak. Which means that the rest of your luggage, including your clothes, will have hair products all over them.

To prevent this from happening just unscrew the plastic caps of the liquid products and put a plastic bag around the opening of the hair product an put the cap back on. This way you will not have to worry about any traces of shampoo on your clothes during the flight.

#4 Have some nuts in your handbag

A lot of people get headaches or even feel sick when travelling by car. So, if you are travelling to your Spring Break location by car you need to make sure you have something that will cure your headache. Try with nuts, instead of an aspirin.

Nuts, especially walnuts, are food for the brain, so when you have studied too much and you feel as if your head may explode, have a handful of nuts and the pain will soon go away. If you often have such problems, make sure you always keep a bag of nuts in your bag.

#5 Roll your clothes

This travel hack is not so unknown, but still people forget about it when they are packing their bags. And this is to roll one’s clothes, and not to fold them. Folding your clothes is one of the traditional ways of packing them, but it is not very practical, because once you open your suitcase you will notice that they have wrinkles all over them and one will tell how exactly you folded your clothes.

In order to prevent this from happening, you simply must forget about folding and start rolling your clothes. When they are rolled, there will be no wrinkles. And as a bonus you will get plenty of free space in your suitcase where you can put something else you thought you would not have had room for. Try it just once and you will see how useful it is and from then on you will start rolling your clothes every time you have to travel.

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