Top Rules You Need to Follow if You Want to Have Perfect Summer Tan
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Top Rules You Need to Follow if You Want to Have Perfect Summer Tan


Summer has finally come and most people have already started arranging their summer vacations and holiday destinations. Summer is all about fun, relaxing, and spending time at the beach, but this does not mean that you do not to prepare your body for the summer weather conditions.

As you know the sunlight in the summer is strong and you need to protect your skin in order not only to have great summer tan, but also to have healthy skin and body.

Today we have prepared for you some important tips about sunbathing. Make sure you follow them if you want to have perfect tan for the summer.

#1 Apply suncream

There should not be a person who not to apply suncream on when then are at the beach. It is essential for the health of the skin and as a plus, it will help you have a better looking tan. Remember that even if you are not sunbathing, but, for example, going out for a walk, you need to apply suncream as well. This goes especially for these parts of your body, like your face and shoulders, that are exposed on the sunlight the most.

#2 Hydrate your skin

The hotter it is and the stronger the sunlight is, the drier your skin will become. That is why you need to extra hydrate it by applying moisturizing cream on once or twice a day. There are also special suncream formulas that are designed to extra hydrate the skin.

Hydration should not only happen on the outside, but on the inside as well. In other words, this means that you need to take extra amount of liquids, especially water. You also need to be careful with coffee and alcohol since these drinks dehydrate one’s body. And when you combine this dehydrating effect with the

#3 Take it easy

One of the most important things you need to remember about sunbathing is that you should take it easy. This means that the first day you go sunbathing, you should not spend more than two hours there.

The next day you could stay under the sunlight a bit longer, and thus gradually expand the time you spend sunbathing. This way your skin will get used to the sun and you are less likely to be sunburned later.

If you think that you do not have enough time for this when you are on vacation and you want things to happen more quickly, you simply need to start beforehand. If you have a balcony, you could use it for sunbathing so that you are well prepared for the beach sunbathing.

#4 Do not wax right before sunbathing

Sunbathing and waxing should never go together, because both of these processes irritate your skin and if you wax your skin right before sunbathing, it may lead to some inflammation and itchiness. If you do not want to additionally irritate your skin, you need to remember that waxing should be done at least two days before you start sunbathing.

And if you do not have this time, you should never expose your freshly-waxed skin on the sun. Just give it a couple of hours to be able to recover itself a little and do not forget to apply some cream to soothe your skin.

#5 Take vitamins

As we already mentioned earlier, it is not enough to help your body have a good-looking tan from the outside, you should also do it from the inside. If you want to help your body have have the perfect tan, you can help it a little by taking some vitamins. And not only vitamins, but also some beta-carotene and fatty acids. These ingredients will help your body boost the production of melanin in your skin, which will thus help you have healthy and nice-looking tan.

#6 Forget about chemical peel

If you want to chemically peel your skin so that you can revive it and make it stronger and healthier than it is, you can do it, but it is best to leave it for the fall. If you do it in the summer, there is a chance that this leads to the occurrence of some pigment spots on your skin. This is because the chemical peel removed the top layer of skin.

This allows the ultraviolet sun rays to seep through the lower skin layers and thus to have a devastating effect on the face. And let’s just not mention how uncomfortable you will feel after that. It is best to leave this beautifying procedure for a season when the sunlight is not so strong and will not have such a big influence on one’s skin.

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