Top Prom Dress Trends This Year
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Top Prom Dress Trends This Year

Spring is here and so are the upcoming proms. This is an important moment for every young girl, because she has the right not only to loosen up after all the exams and stress at school, but also to choose a dress that will make her feel really special and beautiful. The good news is that each year there are a lot of prom dress trends and so each girl can choose the one that will look good on her and will flatter her body. And if you are one of those girls, then you better start looking for a dress right now. Here are the top prom dress trends this year.

   Romantic fairytale princess

If you want to feel like a real princess on your prom what better dress to choose than a long vintage one. If you combine your dress with some lace and small flowers, you will look both vintage, like you have just come out of a royal court, and modern. The colors that will look great with this dress are both baby pink and baby blue, they are very gentle and will definitely look good on a young girl that is graduating from high school. Another thing you should do is to add a few finishing touches to the dress. Add a simple clutch that is not very shiny or colorful. As for the jewelries, try not to carry a lot, a simple pair of earrings will do the job perfectly. Your makeup should be also not very strong, you can match it with the color of your dress, or simply wear a “no makeup” makeup and you will be stunning.


Yellow is one of the colors this season that will make feel not only fresh and attractive, but also as you have walked out of a fashion magazine. This color will look great on every skin complexion, it does not matter you are fair or darker, you will definitely stand out from all the other girls that have decided to wear long, tight, black dresses. Researches show that if you wear yellow you will feel happier because yellow has an uplifting effect, just what you need on the best day of your life.

Black & White

Black and white is another combination which can make you look stunning at your prom. A lot of fashion designers have chosen this combination for their collections this year. Take an example of some of the celebrities that have already walked the red carpet wearing such dresses. If you are a fan of the long dresses, you could wear a graphic shape dress, with white base and black shapes. Chose one that is a little tighter. Finish your look with a pair of long earrings and tie your hair up in a loose bun and you will look stunning.

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If you are one of those girls that do not want to be like everybody else and you are not afraid to wear something interesting to your prom, then overalls is for you. Do not think that they cannot be sexy or fashionable. You can add some strong accessories and to make it really glamorous. Choose one that is one-color only, probably in red, or you can combine two of the trends this year – overalls and black & white. High heels and a matching clutch will make the look complete.

When people think about the proms, they always imagine long straight dresses, which are usually black. If you want to be unique, to surprise everybody and on top of that to feel absolutely comfortable, then choose s mid-length dress. This kind of dress will allow you to show your shoes and to make them the focal point of your whole look. You can experiment and you can try a bold pair of high heels that you would normally not wear. You could chose a tight dress or a looser one if you do not want to accentuate your curves a lot.

A dress from the 80s

The colorful fashion from the 80s has returned. This year you and your mother could have dresses that look alike, or you could even take hers and change it a little. If this is your style, the 80s could offer you a lot – from tight and short dresses, to more colorful and a balloon-shape ones. You can choose a dress with bare shoulders, or only with one bare (left) shoulder and a long (right) sleeve. If you add to the outfit a hairstyle with small and playful curls, you definitely will be the one who won’t stay unnoticed. The only thing left to do is to have fun!


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