Top Places to Visit in Venezuela
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Top Places to Visit in Venezuela


There are a lot of stunning places one can visit all over the world. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to visit them all and that is why people choose to go to places near their home place because it would be cheaper for them, or to go to their dream places.

To help you choose your next vacation spot, we have prepared a list of top things to see in one particular, and extremely beautiful, country – Venezuela. If this is your dream place and you have always wanted to see it, then do not hesitate to do so.

Here are top things you definitely should visit there!

#1 Angel Fall

Falls in general are very spectacular piece of nature even if we talk about small ones. So, imagine what would be the feeling to see one of the biggest waterfalls in the worlds? It would be simply breathtaking. Angel Fall in Venezuela is one of the highest waterfalls in the world and the highest one that is not interrupted.

The waterfall is located in Canaima National Park which means that you will have the opportunity to enjoy some absolutely stunning flora as well. There is a track which leads to the waterfall and if you love hiking, you would also love it.

#2 Choroni

If you want to escape from the big cities and go to a place that is somewhat nonstandard town, then you need to go to Choroni. The interesting about it is that Choroni is known as one of Venezuela’s most beautiful beaches but at the same time it is not located on the coast. It is located on-land and you can reach it by boats sailing on the river around which the buildings and houses are constructed.

If you like nature and experiences that are a bit different from the modern ones, but bring people to past times, you surely would like Choroni with its boats, floral and animal diversity. You will get in touch with nature more and at the same time you can relax on the beach.

#3 Isla Margarita

The next thing which you should consider including in your list of places to see in Venezuela is the biggest island in Venezuela, Isla Margarita. This, of course, is an island that is off the continent and it is one of the places in Venezuela where the beaches are stunning.

You can spend some time relaxing on the island. But apart from sunbathing and lying around on the beach all day, you can also spend your time on the island trying kite-surfing or wind-surfing which are quite popular on the island because the climatic conditions are perfect for them.

#4 Mochima National Park

The next place which you should definitely consider visiting while you are in Venezuela is one of the national parks there. This one is the marine national park Mochima. It is actually the second such one created in Venezuela and it is intended to protect the marine environment. It takes coastline and about 32 islands that, of course, are off shore.

If you are interested in marine wildlife and you want to see it up close, then you could try some snorkel diving and enjoy the marine wildlife. You will also be very likely to see dolphins since the Mochime National Park is a favorite home to these lovely animals.

#5 Los Roques

The next place you should visit when in Venezuela is another national park and it is called Los Roques. If you like golden sand beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking views, you will definitely like Los Roques because it consists of all of the above-mentioned list of things. One can easily get the feeling that they are in paradise once they arrive at this place. The hard thing will be that they may not want to leave.

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