Top Places Every Ice-cream Lover Should Go to
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Top Places Every Ice-cream Lover Should Go to


Ice-cream is one of the foods that people all around the world love. It is sweet and it works as a great refresher in the hot summer days. And since it is summer, we have decided to list all the best places to visit if you are an ice-cream lover. And even if you are not, there is no way to go there and try these kinds of ice-cream without falling in love with it. Check them out!

#1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The birthplace of one of the most famous kinds of dances in the world can boast with another great thing – their unique ice-cream. One of the most famous ice-cream places in Buenos Aires has been opened in the 1930s and it is still very famous today because of its traditional recipe. In fact, it has been founded by Italian immigrants in the 20th century. Nowadays it has more than 50 kinds of ice-cream flavors. Well, now you know why the ice-cream there is so good – it has Italian roots.

#2 Kingston, Jamaica

Here is another ice-cream place that has been founded centuries ago. The most famous place in Kingston, Jamaica, where to have ice-cream has been opened in the 19th century. Another interesting fact about it is that it has been founded by the first Afro-American millionaire. If you go there, you will have the opportunity to try some of the 27 delicious ice-cream flavors in a building that is part of the Victorian architecture. Every kind of ice-cream flavor is unique and offers exotic tastes.

#3 Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a place which offers a lot of delights, like baklava and Turkish delight. However, many people do not know that Istanbul is home to one particular ice-cream place, which tourists are in love with. The traditional Turkish ice-cream is made from goat’s milk and it has very specific taste which you are probably not used to, but you can be sure that you will like it.

And when this great taste matches the place where you have your ice-cream, the experience will be once in a life time. So, when you are in Istanbul, make sure you visit some of the restaurants on the Bosporus either on the European coast, or on the Asia coast.

#4 Tokyo, Japan

In Japan one cannot only find great sushi, but also some great ice-cream. In fact, in Tokyo there is a place which is called Ice-cream City and it offers its guests more than 300 ice-cream flavors. You can be sure that there are so many that you will have no idea which flavor to try first. And you surely cannot try them all, of course, if you do not spend a month there. There are some quite exotic ice-cream recipes that include ingredients typical for the Japanese cuisine, like eel and soy chicken. Interesting, right?

#5 Sydney, Australia

Every continent should have its special place where some of the best kind of ice-cream is served. So, Australia also has its fair share of good ice-cream. You can find it in its most famous city – Sydney. The interesting thing about the ice-cream kinds in one of Sydney’s places is that they are ice-cream desserts, inspired by desserts which usually do not include ice-cream. Some of its best flavors include, rose petals, vanilla, and strawberry pistachio.

#6 Florence, Italy

There is just no way to not include Italy in a list of best places to have ice-cream. This place has been opened in the 1930s and it is still very popular today because of its traditional ice-cream recipes, which include coffee flavor, green tea flavor, and even sesame seeds. Delicious, interesting, exotic and unique.

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