Top Natural Ways to Straighten Your Hair
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Top Natural Ways to Straighten Your Hair

It almost has become a tendency to a lot of women around the world to straighten their hair. And that includes not only those ones who have curly and wavy hair, but the rest, who have straight one. This is because women are obsessed with perfections, and even the slightest waves formed in the tips of their hair are a problem which needs to be solved. And that is why they grab the flat iron and make their hair absolutely straight again.

However, when this happens, another problem appears. And this is the fact that the heat from the flat iron, which is important for making the hair absolutely straight, also weakens the hair and makes it dry. The same thing happens when you blow dry your hair. You take away the natural humidity of the hair, and eventually your hairs get split ends. And when they get split ends, you need to cut them. This way your hair gets shorter (something that many women are not happy about).

This is a circle that women cannot escape unfortunately. So, we have thought about a solution to this problem, and we decided that the best thing is to get rid of the flat iron and use another way of making your hair straight. And this one would not harm your hair, but it could even nourish it. This means that you have to use natural remedies for your hair to make it straight. Here are the recipes we can offer you. You can try them all or just the one you have ingredients for, and be amazed by how it is going to make your hair straight.

#1 Lime and Coconut

For this recipe you will need 1 coconut and 2 limes. Cut the coconut and use both the juice and the edible inner part of it. Place them in a container and add the juice you should extract from the limes. Remember that you need only the juice from the limes. Mix the ingredients well and leave them in the fridge for the night. It needs to be thick.

Then when the mixture is ready, start applying it on your hair. Make sure that you do not miss any part of it. You may need to use a brush to help you apply the mixture more easily. When you are ready, leave your hair like this for about half an hour. You can also brush it with a comb to make sure there are no wavy parts and everything is nice and straight.

When the time is up, just take a shower and wash your hair using both your shampoo and a conditioner. When your hair gets dry, you will see the amazing results.

#2 Vodka

You may be shocked, but this alcohol drink really helps making your hair straight. In fact, it is one of the easiest methods you can use for straightening your hair. You will only need a shot of vodka, which to add to your conditioner. Shake it well, so it is well mixed with the conditioner and you are ready to use it after you wash your hair. The reason why it will straighten your hair is that it contains low amount of pH in it, which makes your hair sleek and will prevent getting curly or wavy.

The only problem is that you should not use this method too often, because alcohol does not make your hair straight and sleek without consequences. It also makes it dry. So, the best thing is to have two types of conditioner – the first one will be the regular one, which could be used on a daily basis, while the second one will be the one with the vodka. And this one you can use from time to time, when you decide you want to have straight hair for the day.

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