Top Mistakes You Make When Removing Makeup

Top Mistakes You Make When Removing Makeup


There is probably no woman that has not applied makeup on. There are dozens of techniques that one could try in order to have perfect makeup. You have probably heard that there are mistakes a lot of us make when applying makeup, so if one wants to have flawless makeup, they need to avoid them.

However, there are not only mistakes women make when applying makeup, but also when removing it. You may think that this is a piece of cake, but you would not be completely right. Here are the top mistakes you probably make when removing your makeup.

#1 You are too rough

The first, and I would say golden, rule of removing one’s makeup is not to be in a hurry and not to be too rough. Your face skin is quite gentle, especially the part which is around your eyes. So, when you are removing your makeup, no matter whether you have tons of foundation on, you need to be careful and not to rub it very hard. This way you could irritate your skin and exhaust it. You do not want to have wrinkles prematurely then it is best to be careful how you treat your skin. And this includes treating it while removing your makeup.

#2 You are only using makeup wipes

This is the easiest way you could remove makeup – using makeup wipes. They remove makeup well and do not leave one’s skin oily as some of the other makeup removing products. However, it is not a good idea to use only makeup wipes to remove your makeup with.

You can use makeup wipes to remove the first layer of makeup from your face, but they cannot help you remove foundation from your pores. Then it is best to use also another makeup removing cleanser. There are cleansers that do not require any rubbing which is the best way to remove makeup.

#3 You do not tie your hair

It is true that one will hardly think about their hair when removing makeup. And how would you really link hair to makeup removing? Well, there is a way actually. First of all, it will be easier for you to do it since your hair will not get in your way.

Secondly, when you are removing your makeup from your hairline and around your ears, your hair will not get in your way and you will be able to see if there is some makeup you have not clean from these parts of your face.

This could be a small detail, but if you forget about it, you will not be able to remove your makeup completely, so have it in mind.

#4 You are removing mascara the wrong way

If there is a part of your face that you should be extra careful about when removing makeup. And this is your eyelashes. When you are removing your makeup, you should pay special attention to your eyes and especially your lashes. If you do not remove mascara properly, you may not only leave it on your lashes, but you can also remove a couple of lashes with it.

The important thing is the direction you should remove mascara – from the roots to the tips, in the direction your lashes grow. This way mascara will not clump on the roots of your lashes. And another important thing you need to remember when removing mascara is that you should not be too rough. Remove it gently and do not rub too much, because you may accidentally pluck some hairs. And I am sure the last thing you want is to have thin lashes with few hairs on.

#5 You are using cotton balls

Cotton is a good kind of material to choose for makeup removal. However, there are different kinds of cotton, some of which you need to avoid. Just like cotton balls. This is because they are made from fibers which could be quite abrasive on your skin. If you have used cotton balls when removing makeup, then you have surely felt some of the fibers on your face.

It is like mild scratching, but it is definitely not good for your facial skin. If you want to remove makeup with cotton, then the best way to do it is to use cotton pads. They are specifically design to be used on gentle (facial) skin and you will feel how softer they are compared to cotton balls. So, make sure you have this in mind as well.

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