Top Manicure Trends to Try This Year
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Top Manicure Trends to Try This Year


Every year there are new trends that take over the market. One is likely to think that this is mostly about fashion, but there are also other trends, like manicure trends which take a huge part in beauty life.

It is good that every year has its symbol even when we talk about beauty trends. The good thing is that every person could find a particular trend that reflects one’s personality.

And today we are going to show you some of these trends – manicure trends for 2017, where you could find the best one for you. And why not try them all?

#1 Polish-free lines

The first of the trends which will be top trends this year is the one which we have called “polish-free lines”. This is because the nail polish does not cover the nail completely and there are 2 bare lines left on the left and the right sides of the nails.

This trend will be suitable for those of you who accidentally apply nail polish on their cuticles when applying nail polish. This way one can apply nail polish only on the center of the nails and leave 2 lines of it bare.

Besides, this trend is a new one and all the women who are tired of the old well-known manicure trends will probably be pleased to try this new one.

#2 Single lines

The next manicure trend is again connected to line, but this time the lines will be the central part of the manicure. This trend could be considered one of the minimalist manicure trends where only a small part of the nail has nail polish on. In this case, the horizontal or vertical lines do the minimalist job.

This trend is perfect for those of you who do not like too colorful manicures and prefer something simple, but at the same time not boring. Instead of lines you could have flowers, or some kinds of geometrical figures. And all of these should be on nude, or some similar color, base.

#3 Metallic lined nails

One of the manicure trends which became popular in 2016 was nails lined with some color different from the one they are polished with completely. This way the nail is framed. There were a lot of women who found the trend interesting, and it is no wonder why it will continue to be one of the top ones this year.

This year, though, the framing of the nail will be done mostly with metallic colors. They will not only create this contrast one is looking for when having such manicure, but also the metallic color will give it a nice shine and it will certainly make an impression. At the same time it will not be over the top, but a subtle one, nice and pleasant.

#4 Semiprecious stones

The next trend is one which will definitely appeal to those women who like precious and semiprecious stones, like topaz, opal, aquamarine, amethyst, and others. You probably know the color of all these semiprecious stones which can often be blended and the end result could be quite interesting.

And this is how this new manicure trend was born. You can also find out which semiprecious stone corresponds to your zodiac sign and you can wear such kind of manicure. The great thing about it will be that you will both wear one of the top trends and that you will still personalize it in your own way.

#5 Holographic nails

The next trend in our list became popular last year, but since so many women fell in love with them, they are still gaining popularity. Which means that this year they will also take one of the top manicure positions. You can do such manicure on your own, or if you want everything to be spotless, let your manicurist do the job.

For this kind of manicure you will need a special powder to create the holographic effect. You need to apply your gel nail polish as usual. Choose a nail polish color and apply it on your nails.

After you have “cured” them it is time to apply the special base coat for the powder which is a special one with a rubbery texture. You need this special base coat in order for the powder to stick on it.

Then you need to apply the holographic powder and you will immediately see the holographic effect. It may take you a little bit more time to apply the powder because it is, of course, different from nail polishes.

Then when you are ready, you need to dust off any excess powder which may have left on your cuticles. You can do this even with a makeup powder brush. Finally you need to apply a couple of coats of non-washable gel top coat. Lastly, cure the nail polish. And your holographic manicure will be done!

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