Top Inventions We Can Thank Women for
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Top Inventions We Can Thank Women for

Thinking of some of the most important world inventions a person would know that men were the ones who discovered them. There seem to be not many women who were great inventors. This is, of course, not because women are not capable of inventing new things, or because they are not smart enough. They often did not have the opportunity to do it.

However, there are still some inventions which women did and some of them would really blow your mind, because you probably do not expect that these things could be created by women. So, it is time to stop with the suspense and show them to you. Here they are.


Beer is claimed to be a typical men’s drink. This would hardly be a woman’s first order when she goes out. However, it turns out that one of men’s favorite drink in fact has been invented by a woman. Well, there is not a particular name in the records of brewing where you can find the name of the women who first started this production, but you can be sure that this domain was a typical woman’s one. And yes, you should thank women for this typical male drink.


This invention is probably not so hard to figure out since a lot of women were housewives in the past and one would assume that they wanted to find a helper that will do some part of their choirs. Well, this was not exactly the case because the woman who invented the dishwasher was a socialite. Her name is Josephine Cochrane. She was annoyed that her servants kept breaking her china so she thought of a way dishes could be washed without any damages. And now you have a helper which can do the dishes while you are relaxing.

Fire escape

Here is something interesting that actually saves lives and it has been created by a woman – fire escape. It was patented by Anna Connelly in 1897 and in the early 20th century many of the buildings in the United States appeared with fire escapes. We do not know how exactly she thought of it, but at least we know that such a smart invention is actually a woman’s work.

Chocolate chip cookies

Yummy, here is a sweet invention that, of course, we should thank a woman for – chocolate chip cookies. Here is how Ruth Wakefieldcreated the cookies in 1930. She owned a lodge and one day she was expecting guests, so she decided to treat them with some cookies. However, she found out she was out of baking chocolate, so she broke some pieces of some chocolate bar she had. The pieces did not melt as usual, although she expected this to happen. On the contrary, they stayed whole. And this is why today we can eat chocolate chip cookies.


With so many businessmen in the world, a person would think that it is normal for a man to have thought of the popular game Monopoly. In fact, this is a woman’s creation. This was Elizabeth Magie who invented the game in 1930. Many people would think she invented it to amuse herself, but in fact this is not the case. It was not because she wanted to participate in male businesses and the only women could do it in that time was to play a game at home. She wanted to show people the negative effects of grabbing land. Well, even if her initial idea was not entirely met, at least she has left something interesting to the world.

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