Top Foods that Make You Look Older
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Top Foods that Make You Look Older


There are a lot of people who want to preserve their youth as much as possible. That is why they eat a healthy diet, do sports, and go through different kinds of beauty procedures. Other people are much careless about their looks and keeping their youth as much as possible.

Or they are simply not aware of the hidden dangers they face. There are products that your daily menu might consist of that would gradually make you look older than you actually are. Today we have listed them for you with a short explanation why they actually work this way.


All kinds of sweet things which contain sugar, especially chocolate, are not that good for you. First of all, sugar is bad for your skin. You probably know some people who have a skin reaction to eating chocolate, like having a lot of zits on their faces especially. Sugar is also bad for the enamel of your teeth.

It basically destroys it slowly but surely. The more you eat sweets and chocolates, the more problems you are going to have wit your health. It is not uncommon that you may start suffering from obesity or diabetes because of excessive sugar intake.


On the other end of the line is salt, which is another of the hidden dangers. Children are often warned that sweets are not good for them, but they hardly receive any information on the dangers of excessive salt intake. One of the reasons salt is so bad for a person is because it helps the body retain water. And this is certainly not what you should strive at.

It will also drain the water from your face in a way which will make you look tired, sick and with big bags under your eyes. The important thing is not to stop eating salt at all. It is fine if your daily amount of salt intake is about 7 grams, but not more. You need to be careful with the amount of ready-made foods you have and especially chips and crisps.

White wine

Red wine is good for one’s health and some experts even recommend drinking a glass of red wine every night. The same, however, could not be said about white wine. It is OK to have it from time to time, especially if you like it, but you should be careful not drinking it too often. White wine has a bad effect on the teeth enamel, just like sugar has. If you have white wine, it is important to remember that you should wash your teeth about an hour after you had it.

White dough

This includes all kinds of white bread, pasta, and pastry made of white dough. In the list is also white rice. It is best to forget about them and try not to include them in your menu ever again. You may think that this is not an easy thing to do, but it is not exactly this way. You could simply substitute it with whole-grain dough and products made of such dough. The taste would not change much, but the effect on your health will be better.

White dough is bad for the collagen in your body, thus your skin becomes less elastic and your hair becomes less strong. This will easily make you look older than you actually are and in the future you will have more problems with the collagen in your body, so have this in mind the next time you have such kind of dough.


Last, but not least is one of the representatives of spicy foods – chillies. There are some people who are really crazy about spicy foods and move chillies. There are some people who do not like spicy foods, but eat them because this kind of food boosts one’s metabolism and helps one lose weight. However, they have a strong taste and might irritate your stomach.

They may also cause some puffiness on your face which will make you look tired, older, and sleepy. So, if you love spicy foods and chillies, you need to be careful when you eat them. That is why it is best to forget about eating them a couple of hours before you have an important meeting, or even a night before it.

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