Top Female Habits Men Find Annoying
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Top Female Habits Men Find Annoying


We all know that there are things people find annoying in other people. Some may find annoying the way one speaks, or their gestures could be considered strange and annoying as well. We could say that this is something normal. One cannot like every person on the planet and cannot like everything about them.

This is also true when we talk about love relationships. Even if some people are in a serious relationship, this does not mean that there are no things they find annoying. And today we decided to list for you the top things that men find annoying about women. This way when a woman knows what may annoy her partner, she could avoid doing it in order not to annoy him.

#1 Sharing with them too much information about other people

Women are very talkative when it comes to their problems. They want to share with their loved ones how they feel and they also like talking about their problems because this makes them feel better.

This, however, does not refer to men. They do not talk about their problems and keep everything to themselves. Thar is why they get really annoyed when women start sharing too much information about their relationships with other people and the problems they have with them.

Men are very likely not only to ignore this but even to get angry if this continues for a long time. So, women need to be very careful in such situations.

#2 Trying to talk to him about your relationship when he is busy doingsomething else

Men generally find it very hard to talk about their relationships and feelings, especially when they do not want to take things further. But what they find most annoying about these conversations is when their girlfriend wants to discuss it when he is busy doing something else, like playing a computer game, or watching a sports match.

It would be better for both partners to wait till the end of this activity and only then to discuss it. This way the guys will not be that distracted and will not get angry or annoyed about it, or at least not as much as when they were busy.

#3 Asking “Am I fat?”

This is one of the questions that could drive a man crazy and surprisingly enough women do not stop asking it. Men would always answer “no”, of course, so is there any point in asking this question. If they tell the truth and the answer is “yes”, the girl is very likely to get angry and sad. So it is better to skip this question, or at least not ask men this. Women should discuss it with their girlfriends or mothers.

#4 When his girlfriend interferes in his personal space

Women in general want to spend more time with their partners compared to men. Men prefer to have some privacy and to keep their personal space untouched. They occasionally would want to spend some time alone and that is when women should not interfere and try to spend time with them. This is one of the things that annoy men a lot.

#5 When his girlfriend does not get his interests

It is no something uncommon for a girl not to get or like her partner’s interests. There are some specific things men like, like cars, or certain sports, women simply do not feel the same way about. And this is another one of the things that annoy men a lot.

If a woman is in such a situation, it is better not to judge her boyfriend’s hobbies and interests. She should be supportive even if she does not feel the same way about them and even when she finds them foolish and childish. Or at least she should not make fun of her boyfriend’s interests because this way she will only may him angry and annoyed.

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