Top Fashion Trends to Try This March
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Top Fashion Trends to Try This March


This month of the year is the one when people say “goodbye” to the winter and welcome the spring. This is a good enough reason to celebrate the month with some special outfit ideas.

That is why today we decided to share with you some of the top fashion trends that will be popular this month. Some of them will be suitable for the rest of the year as well, while others will match the weather perfectly. So, check them out!

#1 80s style

The first in our list is some vintage style that is coming back to the fashion horizon and this is 80s style. If you are familiar with the fashion trends from this decade, then you probably know that silhouettes with wide shoulders were quite popular. Women and men often wore jackets and coats with shoulder pads as well.

And this is a trend that could be very elegant when the shoulder pads are matched nicely with the rest of the outfit. The trend is very suitable for this time of the year when coats and jackets are often worn. You will be both trendy and warm this way.

#2 Long dresses or skirts

One of the most feminine kind of clothes are skirts and dresses. During the winter women prefer wearing pants because they can keep them warm, but with the end of the winter and the coming of the spring skirts and dresses come back to the fashion front.

Long skirts and dresses are not only suitable for this time of the year, but are also one of the top trends. The good thing about it is that you can not only wear it in March, but also throughout the rest of the spring – practical, convenient, and fashionable.

#3 Bright colors

Since March is the month of the year when spring comes first to, then it is no surprise that one of the top fashion trends which will be part of it are bright colors. If you are wondering which of all the bright kind of colors to wear this spring, including March, then try with pink and fuchsia. They are feminine sweet, bright, and on top of that they will be one of the leading trends this spring.

That is why you should not be afraid to wear them even if you do not consider them the best color for you. You could wear a coat, shoes, or skirts in these colors, but if you want to try with something more subtle, then you can do it with the help of a scarf, or some other accessories.

#4 Suede shoes

This is no intention to remind you of a famous song. Actually, suede shoes will be one of the top spring trends this year. Suede is a type of fabric that is very elegant, especially when matched with the right cut and style. Last year suede clothes, like skirts and blouses, were one of the top trends. This year suede has taken over shoes.

It does not matter if you are going to choose ankle boots, sneakers, high heels, or some other type of shoes, all of them will fit the trend. You can also choose shoes with thick heels which are also very comfortable and suitable for this time of the year.

#5 Bare shoulders

Here is a trend that could be definitely considered a feminine one as well. This is bare shoulders. There are certain types of tops which can make your shoulders look extremely sensual while they are naked. And this March you should definitely consider trying them on.

Long sleeves and bare shoulders will not be the only kind of top that will suitable for the month. You could also take the opportunity and the weather, which begins to get warmer, to wear outerwear with interesting patterns that show a woman’s shoulders even if they are not bare because she will be wearing a top underneath.

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