Top Fashion Mistakes You Must Never Make

Top Fashion Mistakes You Must Never Make


There are a lot of women who spend a fortune on new clothes and fashion accessories every month. They buy so many things that one would think they are fashion icons. Well, this is not always the case. Some people may buy a lot of fashion items regularly, but this does not mean their style is a perfect one. They may make a lot of mistakes.

Today we have decided to show you some of the top signs showing that one does not have a good fashion sense. In other words, if you notice that one of the following signs goes for you, then you definitely should try to avoid making these mistakes.

#1You do not wear accessories

The first mistake, if I can refer to it as such, is not wearing accessories. Fashion accessories can often become the centerpiece of one’s outfit. A big necklace, a silk scarf, or even some headband can turn a boring and ordinary outfit into an interesting and memorable one. That is why you should become best friends with accessories. They could sometimes be the finishing touch to a really good outfit.

#2 You follow stereotypes

One of the biggest mistakes one can make, when it comes to fashion, is to follow other people’s stereotypes. For example, people say that women should wear high heels to be feminine and more attractive, and that is often why some women decide to wear high heels. They do it not because they feel comfortable and feel the need to. They do it only because stereotypes tell them to. Well, it is about time that you stop following these stereotypes because they may effect your way of living and not only your fashion sense.

#3 You match the color of your bag to the color of your shoes

This is one of the quite old fashion rules which stated that women should wear matching shoes and bag, or at least their color should be the same. This “rule”, however, is no longer a rule, but it is considered to be a fashion mistake. Women who wear their bags and shoes in such a way, obviously do not follow the fashion trends.

Nowadays women have much more freedom when it comes to the matching of the colors of their outfit items. So, forget about this old rule and turn your attention to the new ones.

#4 You do not wear clothes that fit you

There are some women who are curvy but do not admit it. That is why they do not wear clothes that fit them, but a smaller size ones. The other type of women who do not wear clothes that fit them are the ones who wear oversized clothes. Such kinds of clothes are very comfortable for sleeping instead of pajamas, but they are definitely not good for any outdoor event. There are still ways to wear loose clothes, but make sure they are the right size for you.

#5 You have only replicas

There are a lot of women who want to wear designer clothes but cannot afford to because they are too expensive. That is why they decide to buy some replicas so they could feel what it is like to wear such clothes. However, this is not a good idea. If one cannot afford to buy some designer item, it is best not to buy fake ones instead.

If your case is the same, why do not you support the not-so-famous brands by buying clothes from them? This way you will still wear a kind of designer clothes and will pay less. This shows much greater fashion sense than wearing replicas.

#6 You are afraid to mix styles

The next mistake a lot of women still make is that they are afraid to mix different styles. When it comes to fashion nowadays, there is probably no strict rule that could describe it. There are fashion outfits that look so crazy and strange that one would hardly believe they were designed by famous designers.

There are some people who are afraid to experiment with styles and to mix them. Fashion should be fun, though. One should express their personality this way, so there is no place for prejudices and fear here.

#7 You wear only designer clothes

There are people who think that fashion is all about money – the more expensive an item is, the better and more beautiful it would be. However, wearing only expensive items can make one look snobbish. As we mentioned earlier, fashion is about fun.

There is a way to dress absolutely gorgeous without having to spend a lot of money on new clothes. And besides, are you sure that all your acquaintances will tell the difference between an expensive and a cheap item?

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