Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Destinations for Solo Travelers
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Top Anti-Valentine’s Day Destinations for Solo Travelers


There are a lot of people who are obsessed with Valentine’s Day and are devastated if they do not have a date for the holiday. The euphoria about this holiday starts half a month, sometimes even earlier, before the very holiday. There are advertisements about Valentine’s Day gifts, restaurants with special offers, or even travel destinations for the holiday.

At one point single people begin feeling so annoyed about all of this fuzz which is going around them that they start feeling the need to escape all of this and visit a place where Valentine’s Day is not put on a pedestal. If you are also one of the single people who want to escape the Valentine’s Day, then we have some good news for you – you can do it. We have prepared a list of getaway destinations suitable for solo travelers during this holiday.

#1 Machu Picchu, Peru

The first of the destinations in the list happens to be a destination that is totally worth visiting and we can even say that a person should visit it at least once in a lifetime. And this is Machu Picchu – the Lost City of the Incas. Spending some time away, at a place that has rich history and reflects the culture of a whole empire. You will also get in touch with the nature, go trekking and enjoy the fresh mountainous air. And one thing is for sure, there will hardly be couples who have decided to spend their holiday there.

#2 New York City

New York is one of the most popular cities around the world, but it is not one of the top destinations when it comes to the Valentine’s Day. Of course, there will still be a fuzz about the holiday at certain places, so we are going to tell you which places to visit if you decide to spend Valentine’s Day alone in New York.

You may get the chance to visit some of the most popular monuments and museums during the day, and, of course, avoid the restaurants and the malls where the whole atmosphere will be about the holiday. You can visit Met and enjoy a long stroll around the galleries.

If you do not want to feel awkward being alone on this holiday, do not worry, because you can pay a visit to one of the hundreds of bars in New York where drinking, dancing, and having fun are praised much more than the holiday of love. And who knows, you may end up having a date at the end of the evening.

#3 Count Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Another destination that has nothing to do with love, or at least not literally, is the castle of Count Dracula in Romania. There would hardly be couples who would have decided to spend the most romantic holiday at a place which is surrounded by mystery and horror. So, this way you will be couples-free.

Another reason to decide to visit this place is that the architecture is amazing. You will get the chance to hear the legend of the real count Dracula and you could also visit some of the other castles locates in the area which are considered by some of the tourists as even more splendid than count Dracula’s castle. This way you could learn more about the culture and the traditions of the country, Romania.

#4 Australia

Australia is worth visiting any time of the year. It has to offer a lot to its visitors all the year round. However, February is a perfect month to visit it because it is the peak of the summer season in the Southern hemisphere at that time of the year. This way you could have the perfect holiday getaway and visit some amazing beaches in the middle of February.

There really are numerous things you could do in Australia while you are there, but do not miss to visit some of the most popular ones, like the Great Barrier Reef which is one of the Australian symbols. You could also visit some of the zoos and see a real koala bear as well as a kangaroo, and some of the other animals which can only be seen on this continent.

You can also spend your time learning how to surf because, as you probably know, Australia is famous with its great beaches and huge waves which give an opportunity to a lot of surfers practice their sport. Or you could go scuba diving and see with your very own eyes the beauty of the underwater world. With so many free-time activities who has the time to think about love at all?

#5 Go on a Single’s Cruise

And speaking of people who are annoyed by all the couples spending Valentine’s Day happily, here is the perfect getaway for them – a cruise for single peoples. It does not matter if you trying to find yourself a partner, or you simply want to escape all the sweetness and love around you during the holiday, you will find both of these things on such kind of cruise.

You will also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your free time in the company of singles only. Such cruises travel around the Caribbean Sea which also means that the view will be stunning. So, you definitely need to have this idea in mind.

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