Top 7 Ways to Relax Quickly
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Top 7 Ways to Relax Quickly

Nowadays a lot of people live constantly under stress. They worry about their job, their family, their money, that in the end, because all of those necessary and unnecessary worries, they have to start worrying about their health.

The truth is that a lot of people do not know how to relax and it is necessary to do it, not only because of your soul in order to feel good, but also because of your health. It is no secret that the root of most diseases is stress.

That is why we have decided to show you some ways you can relax quickly. I said “quickly” because the more tired, angry, or nervous you are, the worst it is for your body. And not only because of this, but because a lot of people do not have time relax, so they simply choose to avoid it. Here are our top ways you can relax quickly!

#1 Chew gum

You are probably used to chewing gum after having some meal or if you want to have fresh breath before going to the dentist’s. Well, know there is one more asset you could add to the list – chewing gum can actually reveal stress.

It has been proven that chewing gum for a couple of minutes reduces cortisol levels and one feels less anxious. So, make sure you have some chewing gums in your bag in case you get under a lot of pressure.

#2 Have a cup of green tea

Tea is famous for being one of the drinks that calms nerves down. However, if you want to have the maximum relaxing effect, it is best to drink green tea. It has been proven that green tea has a chemical called L-Theanine which helps with revealing stress. So, you should have some green tea both at work and at home, you can never know where you will be told something unpleasant that may make you angry.

#3 Count backwards

Counting helps when it comes to relaxing. If you want to meet the relaxing effect sooner, though, you need to start counting backwards. First of all, counting backwards is not as easy as the normal kind of counting, which means that it will take you some time to think about the next number in the line.

This way you will forget about the thing that made you nervous for a while. Count slowly from 10 to 1 and do not forget to breathe deeply when you do it. This way you will slow down your heart beat which will help you relax as well.

#4 Close your eyes

If you do not have time to go to sleep or even to lie down somewhere because you have a lot of work and you are in the office, then you could simply relax by closing your eyes. By doing this you will first relax your eyes and you will calm your nerves as well.

Closing your eyes will also help you escape from the situation you are in and forget about it for a second. Then you could go back to your work feeling fresher.

#5 Brush your hair

This is my personal favorite – brushing your hair in order to relax yourself. Many women do not realize that brushing their hair can actually reveal stress. This is because people have sensitive nerves on their head which are stimulated when brushing one’s hair.

You have probably noticed that there are a lot of people (probably yourself included) that adore when somebody plays with their hair or brushes it. This is because of all the nerves one has on their head. If you want to camp yourself down and to feel better in less than a couple of minutes, then I recommend slowly brushing your hair.

#6 Get some sunlight

One way of feeling happy is simply to go outside and let the sun shine on you. This way your body will naturally produce vitamin D which is responsible for one’s happiness. So, if you are feeling down, or if you have too much things going around, take a break from them and go outside for some time. You will get some fresh air and hopefully there will be enough sunlight that will make you happier and relaxed.

#7 Eat some dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the healthiest kind of chocolate because it contains a lot of cocoa, more than other kinds of chocolates. And this is not the only reason you should have some chocolate if you are feeling stressed and under a lot of pressure.

The other reason is that dark chocolate, similar to natural sunlight, produces vitamin D in your body. It will also reduce the stress levels in your body, which will make you feel better almost immediately.

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