Top 7 Design Trends This Year
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Top 7 Design Trends This Year


Every year there are different types of trends which are popular in fashion and makeup. There are trends which stay for more than one year and others which are only here for the current season. Apart from the trends which are popular in fashion and makeup, there are ones which are also part of the home decoration.

Today we are not going to focus on clothes and makeup trend, but on design ones. If you are thinking of decorating your new place, or to redecorate your current one, then you can have a look at the current design trends we have listed for you.

#1 Geometric shelves

One of the interesting and unusual trends which is popular this year is shelves in some geometrical forms. Of course, we all know the usual ones, which are square and rectangular ones, but this year more unusual ones will be popular, like hexagons, triangles, and other interesting and unusual shapes. If you design them in the proper way, they cannot only be very pretty, but also very useful.

#2 Velvet furniture

The next thing which will be popular this year when it comes to home design is a specific material – velvet, and more particularly velvet furniture. Even if you choose to have only one such furniture at your living room, like a sofa, this would add a modern touch to the whole room design. Apart from that, velvet furniture can also make one’s place feel cozier and it will be a grabbing central piece of the room décor.

#3 Bucket sinks

The next part of the design trends which will be popular this year started getting its popularity last year. This is bucket sinks. Some people are tired of the overly modern and rich type of bathrooms there are that they are going back in time with some vintage elements added to their home design, like bucket sinks. They have a slight cozy touch to them because remind a lot of people of cabins in the woods, or some village houses.

#4 Pink

The next home decoration idea is connected with the colors that are popular this year. One of them is pink and there are two particular pink hues which are in fashion this year. The first one is baby pink which is very pale and adds a clean and polished touch to a room. If you choose pink to be the main color of your kitchen, you will escape from the traditional white one and at the same time will keep it fresh and clean.

The other pink hue which is popular this year is a millennial pink which is nicely matched with bronze, or copper accents, which actually is another of the current home décor trends. This pink hue is perfect for rooms like the living room, or bedrooms. It is not over-the-top one, it is light and pleasant and will add a touch of relaxation to a room.

#5 Black and white

The next design trend is not so new when it comes to home decorations in general. Black and white is a traditional color combination which people can wear on clothes and decorate their homes with. And since it is a rather traditional one and not here only for the current year, then you can definitely consider using this color combination to decorate your living room, bathroom, or even your kitchen if you prefer. It is a classic and safe combination which you cannot mistake by choosing.

#6 Floral patterns

Floral patterns were very popular in the past, maybe 20 years ago, and when some people think of such patterns they immediately think of something old-fashioned. But as you know, everything in trends goes and comes back later. The same goes for floral patterns. If you find it a bit too much to add floral patterns on the walls, then you can add bedding sets, and cushions in such kinds of pattern in order to add a fashionable and romantic touch to your home design.

#7 Concrete elements

The final home design trend which we have included in our list is one which some of you can find strange and a bit rough, but once you have a second look at it, you will definitely consider having it at home. It is concrete elements. Concrete is usually associated with unfinished apartments, but if you have some concrete elements here and there in your place this year, your place will be definitely a fashionable one. It could be a staircase, some table in the kitchen, or an unusual piece of furniture. There are a lot of concrete elements which you can add to your home design.

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