Top 6 Fashion Items that Will Be Huge in 2017
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Top 6 Fashion Items that Will Be Huge in 2017


The greatest thing about fashion is that every year, or should I say season, gives people chance to change the clothes in their wardrobe by presenting new and fresh outfit ideas for people who want to be fashionable. 2017 will not be any different and the fashion world has already started impressing us with its suggestions.

Today we are going to show you some of the fashion items which will be very popular this year, so do not get surprised when you see more and more ladies wearing them.

#1 Loose pants

The first item in the list are loose pants. If we have to be honest, such pants design started becoming popular in the last year and this year it would be developed completely. There will be a lot of loose pants designs which will be so long that it should be worn with platforms or high heels.

Such kind of pants look very smart on women and make them look very professions. They are ideal for a business environment. You could match these pants with a tucked-in tops and shirts and you could wear with them long woolen coats, perfect for the winter.

#2 Various shirt designs

Shirts are one of the fashion items that will star in fashion forever. It is not accidental that fashion experts say every woman should have at least one white shirt in her wardrobe. If you are also big fans of shirts, you could wear them as much as you like this year because they will be one of the top items.

The special thing about them will be the fact that the classical shirt design will give its place to some variations. You could also break your outfits a bit if you wear shirts with one bare shoulder, a shirt jersey, or you could even tie the bottom part of the shirt in a knot. So, embrace the shirt trend this year.

#3 Smallleather backpacks

If you have not already noticed more and more women have started wearing backpacks instead of the usual shoulder bags. The type of backpacks that are going to be popular this year are the leather ones. They are easy to wear and match the spring and the summer seasons perfectly.

One could think that they are a kind of a sporty bag, but the small leather ones could be worn simply casually, for example, with a pair of jeans and a shirt. So, do not hesitate to try this trend this year because it would be a huge one.

#4Oversize clothes

The next trend that will take over the fashion industry in the 2017 is the one of oversize clothes. This goes for pants, tops, and especially coats. The best feature of the oversized clothes is that women of all body types can wear it. This way the ones who do not like a certain part of their body can hide it under the big size of their clothes. Have also in mind that they are comfortable and perfect for both warm and cold months of the year.

#5 Different hues of the same color

The next trend will probably appeal to all the girls who like wearing colorful clothes, especially for the ones who have a favorite kind of color and like wearing it often. This year one of the top trends will be about wearing an outfit in different hues of the same color.

For example, you could wear a dark green coat with light green top and olive pants. This way your whole outfit will be about one color but at the same time it will be interesting and attractive. You could also include the color of your shoes in the list of items in the same hue.

#6 Clog sandals

The next trend is about shoes this time. And this is a kind of shoes which can be worn in the spring or in the summer. These are clog sandals. As you know, when it comes to fashion nothing is for good. Often the fashion trends from the past come back to the fashion runway. And clog sandals are one such example. They were popular in the past and this summer women are going to enjoy wearing them. They are comfortable and make one appear taller – the perfect combination for a lot of women when it comes to shoes

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