Top 4 New York City Free Museums

Top 4 New York City Free Museums

NYC is one of those places that offers so much that you just can’t choose what to enjoy and see first. Especially if you are a first time traveler in the Big Apple. And the truth is though that a NYC experience can be way more expensive than many others or more even than what you imagined.

No matter what are planning to do while visiting NYC you must not miss to incorporate visiting some museums. First of all some of them are free and then they just have so amazing things to see there, that could not be seen around the world.

Actually, it turns out that many locals and residents have never been into the museums themselves. And that is a shame. Of course I kind of get that since the city has so much to offer and you kind of don’t know where to look for or what to do first. But people should always incorporate some cultural experiences in their life.

So in order not to miss anything special anymore, I present you the top 5 museums in the Big Apple that you can visit for free. Yes, you read right. It will be a pleasurable experience for free.

American Museum of Natural History

This, kind of, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. But it is so, since it should not be missed. The museum has four floors. Their lies and amazing collection of exhibitions in different styles, from different decades. And also many artifacts. It’s one of those places you would spend a whole day loosing yourself in. The thing most people know about the American Museum of Natural History is the presence of a dinosaur fossil and an entire whale skeleton. You aren’t required to pay anything, but you could leave a donation. It is up to you.

Queens Botanical Garden

Those are perfect for your next summer trip in the city. Or spring – it is beautiful in both seasons. It used to be a very small garden. It all started in 1939. But now it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. In order not to miss anything and to get a real good experience they offer tours. So that you don’t miss anything, you know. It is all connected to your likes and the season. So it is not just a tour it is directly made for you. Usually you have to pay 4$ for adults and 3$ for children, but on Wednesday between 3-6p.m. and Sundays between 4-6p.m. it is for free.

National Museum of the American Indian

This one celebrates the diverse history of the Native Americans. And in my opinion any American must visit it and learn something about the culture and history. It is located in the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House. There is no fee for the visit. And for free you will be treated to great permanently and some traveling exhibitions connected to nativity of America. And that is not the best – they also have live performances of Native dance and music. So go and enjoy.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is one of the best features in NYC. It has its home on the Upper East Side. It is one of the most visited museums in the USA. It has around 5 million visitors per year. The MMA holds some of the most amazing and exclusive art in the world. It is the dream for any art lover or artist. It has the largest collection of Rembrandt paintings and Tiffany stained glass. You should just lose yourself into that beautiful art, because there most definitely will be something for you. Admission is with an advised donation, but it is not must.

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