Tool For Shaping Eyebrows

Tool For Shaping Eyebrows

You all know that the shaped eyebrows are a must-do step for a finished facial makeup. But not all of you know that there is a new tool that helps us to define proper shape of the brows in order to match our faces perfectly.

Well, if your brows are perfectly shaped, bold and dark naturally, then you can skip this article, but if you don’t fall into this group of girls, then you should keep scrolling and learn more about this new brow tool.

It follows the method for shaping brows with the pencil:

  1. The beginning of the brow – alongside the nose;

  2. The arch of the brow – through the center of the eye;

  3. The end of the brow – through the outer corner of the eye.

But this tool makes the check points more precise and the finished shape of the brows is more symmetrical, because the tool defines the shape of the brows at the same time for both of them.

The tool looks like pliers, but without the head – only the handles. It is plastic and easy to use:

  • Place the tool under your nose, right at the cupid’s bow. The long sticks must point upwards to the brows.

  • First, mark the beginning of the brows, squeeze the tool and place the handles alongside your nose.

  • Then pull the handles and place them in front of the eyes. Mark the arch of the brow.

  • And finally, widen the tool a little bit more, through the outer corners of the eyes, and mark the end of the brow.

  • Connect the marks and fill in the created shape with a proper color for them.

When a trend comes wild, the beauty companies try to satisfy our needs and develop great tools and products that help us get the look that we want, just like the brow tool. Enjoy!

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