Tips & Tricks to Start Your Own Vlog
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Tips & Tricks to Start Your Own Vlog



Although vlogging has risen in popularity the last few years, a lot of people are still new to the world of vlogging and don’t yet know what vlog or vlogging means. Before we reveal the secrets to starting your own vlog, you should be familiar with what this word actually means. Simply put, vlog is a shortened version of the word video blog or video log. Vlog stands for video blog or video log, and refers to a type of blog where most or all of the content is in video form.


The rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that the equipment needed to produce vlogs has become cheaper and more accessible to a lot of people. Anyone with access to a video-capable camera and a internet connection can create a vlog and publish their vlogs online. So it has become a lot easier to become a vlogger.


However, it takes more than just an equipment to produce a high quality, relevant and, most importantly, interesting vlog channel. This is why we have prepared the top tips and tricks you should know when starting your own vlog! This guide provides you the information you need to boost your video blogging efforts and create videos like a true YouTube star.


  1. Before you pick up your vlogging camera and upload videos to your new YouTube channel for the first time, you need to sit down with a pen and paper and do some brainstorming and planning. Ask yourself a few questions and be as detailed as you can with the answers. Vlog about topics you care or you are interested in.


Choosing an industry, niche, or topic area helps you focus your content on the topics you’re most passionate about. If you aren’t passionate about a subject, don’t vlog about it. It is as simple as that. Keep all of that brainstorming and planning handy. You’ll want to refer to it in the future whenever you’re making decisions about vlog topics, collaborations, and other moves for your channel.


  1. A very important aspect that can heavily contribute to your success as a vlogger is the username you select. Username must be attractive, unique, and catchy that could stick with your prospective viewers so that they can easily find you in the future.


  1. Once you establish your industry and target audience, you should think of a topic for your vlogging. It can be anything, as long as it’s not boring, insulting or illegal. As there are various successful vlogs out there, they have developed some sort of themes or formats, such as how-to tutorial, lecture, interview and so on. If you are travelling to another country or city, you may make a video of your journey, popular destination within the city, meeting new people and practicing your language skills.


  1. You can start off with any device that has the ability to record a video such as a Samsung NX3000smartphone, tablet or the webcam of your laptop. However, we recommend you start with a good camera since people are more likely to subscribe to YouTubers that have High Definition videos.


If you’re likely to be filming a lot of your vlog posts outdoors then make sure you invest in a decent digital camera, and use a tripod – there’s nothing worse than shaky film! The better quality your camera, the better your sound is likely to be, but you may also benefit from purchasing an external microphone and plug it into your camera, to eliminate wind and background noise.


  1. After shooting your video, you may need to do some editing jobs to make it better. To make your vlog more professional you should edit the videos and cut out anything you don’t want to be in the vlog. Then add several video effects, add titles and subtitles, compress video size, change the playback speed or adjust the length of video.


6. Publish your video and keep going! To keep your audience interested in your videos and your channel, you must try your best to keep your channel active. So to serve this purpose, you must publish videos frequently without leaving long gaps in between them. So go on YouTube right now, create your channel, publish videos, get famous and become a successful vl

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