Tips For Your Cat Eyes

Tips For Your Cat Eyes

Sometimes even the most simple-looking things are hard to be created. The first thing that pops up in my mind is the application of the so-famous cat-eye liner makeup design. It is hard to be created because of the different types and shapes of eyes and because the skin of the lids is extremely soft, which makes the precise application of the liner almost impossible, unless you know a few tricks and techniques, and for sure, you have to own the right tools for the application.

For instance, if your lids are hooded or the skin is too much, then you shouldn’t use liner pencil. You have to use liquid linger with hard brush.

The application of the liner requires the lids to be prepared with a primer, otherwise the chance of smudging it is bigger.

But if you make a mistake after all, you can fix it in two ways that I know:

  • Using a cotton swab, dipped in makeup remover and erasing the smudge, or;
  • Using a thin brush, dipped in concealer and covering the smudge.

Another thing that you should know about the cat-eye liner is that you have to always start the application from the flick, because at the beginning of the application you are more careful and concentrated.

Always trace the lash line extremely close to the lashes. You can even open up the eye a little bit to see exactly where are the nude gaps which you should fill in with thin pointy brush.

When you apply the liner, wait until it dries out, especially if your lids are hooded.

There are different designs of liners according to your eye shape and size and you should keep that in mind when you are choosing a certain design.

And always flatter the eyes with a coat of mascara at the end of the liner application.

Now take a look at this tutorial and use it as a guideline while you apply your cat-eye liner makeup:

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