Three Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Long Hairs

Three Easy Hairstyle Tutorials for Long Hairs

I truly admire the girls who take good care of their long hairs. If you are such a girl then you must know how annoying it is to apply a nourishing and thickening hair mask every Sunday, but you also know how easy it is to create a certain hairstyle on a long and healthy hair. And only because I know that you are a serious girl who takes good care of her hair, I decided to show you three different ideas for hairstyles which are perfect for long hairs, because they need a lot of material to be created. So, let me show you these three ideas:

Idea #1

The hair band halo is a gorgeous hairstyle. It is boho, casual and feminine. All you have to do for the preparation step is to check the roots and if they are greasy, and if the answer is positive, to apply dry shampoo in order to deal with that problem. Then put a loose elastic band on top of the hair and tuck in some hair strands around the hair band in order to hide it.

Idea #2

If you want to show off your gorgeous backless dress, you should lift up your hair. And what a better way to do that than a casual messy bun. All you have to do is to tie your hair into a high ponytail and then wrap the tail around the hair band and secure it with some bobby pin. Enjoy it!

Idea #3

Make a half updo. First, you have to create wavy ends with the curling iron and then create a volume at the crown area – that’s an essential detail for this hairstyle. Then secure the updo with a beautiful hair clip, which will work also as a decoration.

These are the first three hairstyles that pop up in my mind, but there are many other ideas. You can split your hair into a beautiful braid or you can tie a fancy ponytail, just be creative and enjoy your work. See you soon!

three easy hairstyles for long hairs

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