Three Easy Exercises for Bubble Butt
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Three Easy Exercises for Bubble Butt

Exercise #1

This is a classic one – the squat. Maybe you think that you know it and maybe you think that it is not effective because you have made uncountable reps of squats, but it is most likely to happen that you are wrong. Why is that? The exercises are not effective when they are not performed right. I will describe you now the best squat technique and if you are doing it wrong, you should fix the way you squat in order to get the dreamed round booty. Stand up and straight. Widen up the legs so they will be placed at the same line of the shoulders. Bring your arms in front of you. Now squat like you are going to sit on a small chair that is behind you. The most important rule now is to be careful about the position of the knees. The knees must not cross the vertical line of the toes. If your knees move in front of the toes then you are doing the Squat exercise wrong. You can practice a little bit with a true chair. Stand up in front of the chair, two feet forward and try to reach the edge of the chair with your butt. Then, do it without the chair and be careful with the position of the knees as you go down to the floor. Do this exercise three times, 20 reps and increase the reps every week.


Exercise #2

This is the leg raise. You should take the doggy position on the floor and raise one leg up to the ceiling. Do it 25 times per each leg and repeat 3 times the exercise. I know it’s hard but it works.


Exercise #3

The dead lift. You will need some weight for this one. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can do it with two 1 l water bottles. Stand still and bow down as you move the bottles toward your legs until you feel pressure at the legs and the butt. Hold for a second down there and then rise up. Do 15 reps, 3 times.



three exercises for bubble butt

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