Those Are The 6 Places You Need to See Before You Die

Those Are The 6 Places You Need to See Before You Die

There are countries you need to visit. There are towns you need to visit. There are certain architectural masterpieces you need to see and experience. At least once in your lifetime. The world is built beautifully and every country has something special to offer, that is for sure. Actually, every city. But some places just stick out from everything else in the world. Sometimes it is because of the location. Other times great architects brought to us places, we couldn’t even believe exist.

You probably already have some things on your mind. And that is normal. Especially if you are well traveled. But here are those places that I am talking about.

Nasir al Molk Mosque, Iran

As a whole the world holds some mosques that are outrageously beautiful. But the Nasir al Molk has something more to itself, rather than just construction. It has spirit, without even talking about the fact that it is a spiritual place. It has been built for 11 years. It is detailed in every possible way. But what makes it way more special than any other place are the beautiful window shadows that you can see inside. The mosque has stained-glass windows that form different shapes in bright rainbow colors inside the building. And they go so well with the colorful ties that cover the walls and ceiling and the beautiful handmade carpets. Those are all color combinations to get lost into.

Parliament building, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful city. It used to be divided into two cities – Buda and Pest and they were separated by the Danube. But nowadays it is one big, beautiful, outstanding city. It has old buildings and small streets to explore. But what makes Budapest so special and as a whole the country, it’s the Parliament Building. This must be seen both through the day and night. If you could just do one of those – choose night. Because the lights, the elements and the river make a beautiful symbiosis in the night. Go up close to see the small elements. Then choose a nearby bridge and cross and enjoy the view from the other side of the river.

WatRongKhun, Thailand

This place is mostly known as the White Temple. And yes, you guessed right – it is white. But what makes it special is that it truly is a masterpiece. It was built for more than a decade. It has millions of small elements made exquisitely perfect. Many tourists come into the Buddhist temple first of all to see it and also to learn about the Buddhism. It is both amazing in and outside. The whites are complemented by silver and that is what makes it so beautiful – it is pure, just like the religion.

Santorini, Greece

Well, when talking about Santorini, I can’t just send you to see a certain building. Because the special thing about the place is that the whole place is an architectural masterpiece. The island has Cycladic architecture. Which means that it is multilevel. All buildings lay down on red-color cliffs. And the colors that you could see often are white, blue and orange. They all make beautiful scenery for the eye and everything is surrounded by the sea. Can you imagine heaven on earth?

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

I think there probably is no person, that hasn’t heard of the Golden Gate. It is located in beautiful San Francisco and is built in 1933. There is a reason why the three mile wide bridge is called Golden Gate – when the sunset is upon, all you can see are beautiful golds with the mountains and water as a background. It is a masterpiece no just because of how beautiful experience you could have at sunset, but also because it is not easy to build something so massive, yet keep it simple and beautiful, without being too much at any point.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, UAE

As a whole the architecture in the UAE is amazing. It holds both all innovations that anyone could ever imagine, yet it has buildings that save the feeling of the East. It is the largest mosque in Abu Dhabi and it is a common tourist place. It is so because if something is grande it is this mosque. It was built for 11 years. And its design is so pure, that you feel at peace there. Not only the size, though, makes it special. It is amazing how in such a big architectural space could be so much detail into the small things. The tiles used on the floors in and outside have some flowers painted on them and could not be seen anywhere else. There is a lot of gold incorporate in the columns and the ceilings of the mosque. And the carpets that you walk bare feet on or you pray are very special.

Image: Fotolia

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