This Year’s Most Popular Destinations For Fall

This Year’s Most Popular Destinations For Fall

Even though summer is the season when many people prepare for their annual vacations, we have prepared for you a list of destinations that will be popular this fall. There are a number of reasons why you should choose to plan your vacation in the fall and not in the summer. In the fall the usual number of big summer crowds is gone and you can really relax being undisturbed, and you won’t feel the absolute summer heat that can drain your energy. If you are already interested in spending your annual vacation during the fall, then you need a list of places that are most appropriate to visit. And here they are!

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
If your permanent residence is in Myrtle Beach, then you have probably noticed that in the early days of the fall weather is still perfect for going to the beach. This is why this year Myrtle Beach will launch a campaign that is called “60 more days of summer”. You will have the chance to go to the beach, have that bronze tan you have dreamt of, even if you go there in October. This is one of the positive sides to going to a place that is closer to the Equator. And, as a plus, you may end up seeing one or two celebrities that have decided to spend their vacations there.

Chicago, Illinois
You probably wonder why you should visit the Windy City in the fall. There is no beach you can go to, and even if there was such no one would go because fall in Chicago is cool and, of course, windy. But there are a lot of things you can go and see there, like the Museum of Contemporary Arts, also this year’s Chicago Marathon which is so famous that if you are in the city and you are not taking part in it running, then you must be in the crowds cheering. And if you go there in the fall, you should not miss to pay a visit to the annual Humanities Festival.

San Francisco, California
A lot of movies are shot in San Francisco and people who do not live there have the impression that the city is always full of sunshine and high temperatures. So this is why a lot of tourists who visit it in the summer are disappointed because of all the fogs and cold weather. If you want to visit Frisco, then you should choose the fall when the city is shining and the summer fogs have already disappeared. And you should not forget to check out the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival that takes place there in the first week of October.

Galveston, Texas
If you choose this to be your destination for fall holiday, then you won’t make a mistake and you can enjoy your free time while your colleagues are working in the foggy and rainy weather. Galveston is close to the Gulf of Mexico and has a number of absolutely breathtaking beaches where you can catch some sunlight. And going to the beach is not the only thing you can do there. If you are a fan of the 19th century architecture, you may also check out some of the historical districts there that will leave you a sense of strolling in another era.

San Diego, California
San Diego is another US city that is famous for its beautiful beaches where people spend their vacations. One of the reasons to choose it in the fall is because the weather is still suitable for swimming in the water without freezing, and catching some beautiful bronze tan. And for all the fans of wine, San Diego has a special gift for those who visit it in the fall. As you know, the fall is the season of wine, and if you happen to be in the city in the second weekend of October, you may pay a visit to the Art and Wine festival. And if you are a beer person then there is a surprise for you, too. San Diego bears the name “Craft Beer Capital of America” and each year in October a week is dedicated to that kind of booze during “San Diego Beer Week”.

New York, New York
If you can make it there, you can make it everywhere… There is no wonder why the famous song talks about the beauty of the city that never sleeps. It also does not run out of tourists. Whenever you go there, you can see people that worship one of the most famous cities in the world. One of the reasons, however, to choose to visit New York in the fall, it’s its beauty. Central Park would have so many colors that you can feel you are in a fairytale and the temperatures are also mild, so you can enjoy your stay without sweating or freezing. You can also be a viewer to the New York City Marathon that takes place in the first week of November.

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