This Winter’s Sunglasses Trends
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This Winter’s Sunglasses Trends

When people think about sunglasses they immediately think of the hot summer days. However, we all know that even in the winter there are some really sunny days when we should not forget to bring our sunglasses with us. As you know, sunglasses are not only about following the latest fashion trend, but also for eye protection from the UVA sun rays.

But who says that you cannot be fashionable as well as well-protected?! So, what kind of sunglasses to choose this winter? Do not worry, because there are basically eyewear trends for every personal taste. Check this winter’s sunglasses trends and choose the best one for you.

#1 Modern cat eye sunglasses

The first in the list are cat eye sunglasses. They seem to be almost every time present in the lists of most fashionable sunglasses. However, this season the cat eye sunglasses trend is given a more modern touch to it. Instead of just the traditional cat eye shape, this year’s trend is both square shape and cat eye shape. The frames of the sunglasses have a square shape, but the upper outer corners continue as cat eye sunglasses.

It is not necessary to be square, however, because the modern cat eyes have also round version if you prefer wearing it. You only need to remember that the shades have to be big, and that is definitely much bigger than the cat eye shades from last year. This way much more people can take advantage of the shape of the glasses, because they traditionally do not suit every type of face. With this change will suit more people.

#2 Thick colorful frames

In the past a lot of people considered colorful sunglasses a little childish, but since fashion is constantly changing, nowadays colorful sunglasses are not only for children. This season, however, if you decide to bring some more color in your eyewear, you should only do it with the frames. Choose sunglasses with big colorful frames, but still with dark lenses. This way you will not irritate your eyes by making them see the things around in unnatural colors, but you will still wear fashionable colorful shades.

#3 Oversized sunglasses

As we have mentioned above, this year’s car eye sunglasses are bigger than before. It turns out that this is not the only “bigger” trend for this season. Here is some good news for all who like big sunglasses, because this season it is all about oversized shades. No matter what kind of shape you would choose square, cat eye, or even round, do not forget that they should be big. After all, size does matter, right?

#4 Round sunglasses

If you are missing the fashion from 20 years ago, then you would be glad to find out that when it comes to sunglasses, it is coming back strong. This winter, and even this spring, round glasses that you remember from your childhood or adolescence will be totally fashionable. Of course, the fact that round glasses are fashionable this year does not mean that you can wear your old glasses from 20 years ago if you still keep them. Round shades nowadays have thicker frames unlike the ones from the past, so you should still get a new ones.

#5 Geeky sunglasses

Geek chic is actually one of the trends that is gaining more and more popularity over the years. If in the past “cool” kids used to make fun of the “geeks” because of their glasses, today things has changed. A pair of geeky sunglasses could complete your outfit perfectly, leaving the people around you wanting to have the same pair of glasses.

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