Things You Should Not Carry with You on a Plane
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Things You Should Not Carry with You on a Plane


People nowadays travel a lot, especially when it comes to traveling by plane. This is mainly because this method of transportation has become even more affordable.

And since so many people travel, from all over the world, there are a number of safe measurement. That is why there are different kinds of objects that are now allowed to be transported by plane.

You may know all of them and that is why we are going to focus on another aspect of traveling by plane – all the things that can make your traveling uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Today we have prepared for you a list of things that are not advisable to bring with you on a plane if you want to have a pleasant and comfortable trip. Here they are!

#1 Perfume

One of the things that you should be careful about before a flight is wearing a perfume. It is true that people want to smell good at any time of the day, especially during a long flight. However, some of the other passengers on the plane may not like the scent of the perfume and it can irritate them.

Or even worse, there could be someone suffering from asthma and a person’s perfume can irritate their lungs. It is best to avoid wearing perfume. If you want to smell good, just stick to deodorants and this will be fine.

#2 Tight clothes

The next thing you should be careful about when it comes to traveling by plane is the clothes that you are wearing. It is very important that these clothes are comfortable and not tight. If they are too tight, there is a big chance that a person does not feel comfortable in them and the flight can turn out to be quite a nightmare.

And not only because of your comfort, but also because of your health. If you are wearing tight clothes for more than 4 hours, you could get swollen feet and even vein thrombosis. If you want to be comfortable and healthy while flying, then make sure you wear loose clothes.

#3 Summer clothes

And since we mentioned clothes are very important when it comes to flying by plane, there are more than one things that are connected to them. People often travel by plane in the summer and they decide that since the weather is warm there is no need to change clothes and one continues wearing summer clothes.

Well, this is a big mistake since it could get really cold in planes. Temperatures are much different compared to the ones on land. It is best to wear some outfit that has multiple layers. This way you could take off or put on some of the layers if you feel warm or cold. You will guarantee yourself a warm and comfortable during the flight.

#4 Contact lenses

The next thing which you should be careful about when it comes to traveling by plane is wearing contact lenses. The reason for this is again connected to your health. Since the altitude is quite high when flying by plane it affects the humidity in the plane.

It usually decreases by 20% which as a result will start irritating your eyes because your contact lenses will get dry. That is why you should rather wear glasses than contacts just to be on the safe side during the flight.

#5 Too many accessories

The next thing you should be careful about is wearing metal objects. If you, for example, wear too many jewelries and accessories containing metal, you are very likely to take them off before the security check.

And if they are a lot this may take you a lot of time, and, of course, it is nerve-racking. That is why it is best to avoid wearing jewelries at all, or some other complicated outfit containing too many items.

#6 Clothes with offensive text

The last thing in our list is actually very important when flying. You need to have in mind that security checks are very serious and even the slightest suspicion can cause you being searched.

You should not wear clothes with texts that can be considered offensive by some people. You could be even banned from boarding the plane. There are also other reasons connected to dressing that can be the obstacle for not boarding the plane. You also need to be careful about your clothes.

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