Things You Should Never Do in the Bathroom
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Things You Should Never Do in the Bathroom


You have probably heard that there are things people do wrong in almost every aspect of their lives. Of course, this is not because they are doing it on purpose but just because they do not know what the possible consequences of these things might be.

Today we have decided to find out what the kinds of things that a person is doing wrong when in the bathroom are. And even most of these things are widely done by women, there are also men who do them. So, both genders need to stop doing them.

#1 Using the same razor for months

There are a lot of women who still use razors to remove hair from their legs and armpits. However, they often forget to change their razor and they keep using the same one for months until it is no longer usable. This is one of the top mistakes women do in the bathroom.

You need to remember to change your razor regularly because the more you use it, the more bacteria you are likely to spread on your freshly-shaved skin. There is dead skin and some other particles that hide between the blades of a razor. This means that the more you use the same razor, the bigger the chance is to spread some of these old hidden particles on your skin which may even cause skin inflammation.

#2 Sharing the soap with the people you live with

You may have heard that soaps are a kind of product that is self-cleaning, but this does not mean you should share it with the people you live with. If you use hard soaps in general, then you should always make sure that no one else is using it, especially if you not only wash your hands with it, but if you also wash the rest of your body, even your face, with it.

Soaps can spread body fluids from one person to another quite easily. This certainly should not be tolerated if one wants their hygiene to be spotless. That is why you should stop doing it even if you do not think there is anything wrong with it.

#3 Using the same sponge for months

The next mistake which a lot of people make when it comes to bathroom habits is connected to one’s bathroom sponge. The most effective way to wash your body and to scrub all the dirt and dead cells you have is to use a body sponge.

However, there are still a lot of people who forget to change their body sponges regularly. This concerns your hygiene as well, because the holes of the sponge are a very welcoming place to a lot of bacteria, germs, and, of course, dead cells.

If you do not want to cause yourself some skin inflammation and to keep your body spotless, then make sure you do not use the same body sponge for more than 2 weeks.

#4 Not wearing flip-flops while taking a shower

It does not matter if you are taking shower at home, at the gym, or at a friend’s house, you always need to wear some kind of flip-flops, or thongs in the bathroom.

Bathroom floors are a home to a lot of germs, actually you probably do not know how many there are. And that is why the easiest way to get some fungi on your feet is to walk around the bathroom floor barefoot.

You only can do this at home and only under the condition your bathroom is spotless, otherwise do not forget to put on some flip-flops. But still, it is better to be on the safe side.

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