Things You Should Avoid Doing When You Wake Up at Night
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Things You Should Avoid Doing When You Wake Up at Night


Nowadays a lot of people lead stressful lives. They have a lot of problems, worry too much, and in the end stress levels in their bodies become too high that they may even lead to some diseases. That is why a person should relax as much as they can.

And the best time for one’s body to recover from all the worries and problems during daytime is at night. For this reason it is best when a person is sleeping to have the maximum comfort and to give their body a chance for a full relaxation.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not take this into consideration. They disturb their sleep without even knowing it and wonder why they are still tired and sleepy the next day.

Well, maybe it has to do with some things people do at night which disturb their slumber. We have prepared for you a list of these things which are better do avoid doing at night in order to have a healthy and good night sleep. Check them out and if possible, stop doing them.

#1 Sit in your bed

There are a lot of people who cannot sleep well and when they often wake up at night, sit in their bed. This is one of the first things one should avoid doing. First of all, when you sit in your bed after waking up in the middle of the night, there will be a bigger chance for you to not fall asleep again, or at least it would be harder for you to do it.

If you cannot resist the temptation to sit in your bed and you actually do it, this will immediately raise your heart rate. As a result your heart will start pumping more blood to your brain and you will become even more awake and less sleepy. And if you want to have a healthy night sleep, it is best to avoid this.

#2 Check your phone

Another very important thing you should avoid doing is checking your phone. The reason for this is, even if it sounds funny, that it will distract you from your sleeping. When you start checking your phone, you will see that someone has probably texted you, you could answer them, and this will make you less sleepy.

The second reason why you should not check your phone is that even the slightest light can irritate your eyes and as a result you will become more awake. Then you can be sure you will find it much harder to fall asleep again. This will disturb your sleep and there is a big chance that in the morning you feel tired and sleepy.

#3 Toss and turn

We all know that tossing and turning is a part of the actions people take when they cannot go asleep. However, this does not mean this is the best way to fall asleep again. In other words, you should avoid tossing and turning when you try to go asleep, especially if you have woke up in the middle of the night.

Tossing and turning is a “technique” that will not help you fall asleep again. It is much better if you stay in your bed still without moving too much. The more you move in bed when you are awake, the fewer will be the chances that you fall asleep fast again. This is because your pulse will speed up and more blood will be pumped to your brain. As a result, the brain will be tricked that is already time for the person to get up.

#4 Wake up your partner

There are a lot of people who decide to wake up their partner when they cannot fall asleep back again. This is because they want to talk with someone or just because they do not want to be the only ones not being able to sleep. However, there are two main reasons why one should not do this.

First of all, they should not disturb the sleep of their partner – if they wake them up, their partner can find it difficult to fall asleep again. And secondly, if they start speaking with someone, there is a bigger chance that this will make them even more awake and it may take some extra time for them to go back to sleep.

#5 Skip peeing

The last thing I have included in the list is peeing. It has probably happened to all of us to wake up at night and desperately want to visit the loo. There are still a lot of people who decide not to do it and go back asleep. If the urge is too strong, however, I recommend still visiting the loo. If you want to pee while you are sleeping, you may have some bad dreams about visiting the loo and not being able to pee. Secondly, your sleep will not be that strong and healthy if your body wants to get rid of this liquid in the bladder.

What you can do in this case is to go to the loo, trying not to turn on any lights, if possible, or at least to turn some night light will less strong light. This way you will not irritate your eyes as much and will be able to go back to sleep fast. Do it as quickly as possible and do not distract yourself with doing extra things.

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