Things You Need to Start Doing If You Want to Become More Organized
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Things You Need to Start Doing If You Want to Become More Organized


It is no secret that nowadays people lead fast lives. They are always in a hurry to have the time to do everything in their list but they often do not succeed because they have not organized their day the right way.

There is one secret that you need to know if you are leading a fast life and you are juggling with a lot of things at the same time – organizing is the key of having the time to deal with your daily tasks.

If you want to be able to pull yourself together in every sticky situation you end up, then you may need some tips and advices about it. We have prepared for you a list of things you need to start doing if you want to become more organized.

#1 Save money

One of the things that you need to remember if you want to become more organized is that organized people do not waste their money. In fact, they are very good at saving which means that if you want to become an organized person you may start with learning how to save money.

You can start with your morning coffee. You can prepare it at home and take it with you on your way to work. This way you will not spend $5 – $10 buying yourself a cup of coffee from a coffee shop next to your office. You can do this for a month and see how much money you are actually going to save. Then you could spend them for something useful.

You can do the same thing with your meals. Instead of having lunch or dinner out, you could simply cook more often. You could prepare yourself dishes at the weekend and freeze them. This way you will have food for the rest of the week and you will not waste time or money every day.

#2 Learn to say “no”

The next thing organized people do is to know their limits which means that they need to know when to stop adding tasks in their plate. In other words, they know how to say “no” which you may also need to do if you are a bit soft in general.

Some people find it difficult to reject offers, suggestions, and tasks. They accept everything and in the end they are the ones who suffer. That is why you need to think of the consequences first. Think about what is going to happen if you accept it. Will you have the time to do it? Will you be exhausted after that? Will you have to miss some family event because of it?

Then if you still find it that difficult to say “no”, you can practice it. Ask your friends for help to have some kind of sketch when they ask you to do some things and you have to reject it. This way you could find it easier to do it.

#3 Write all the things you need to do on your calendar

One of the most important things organized people do is to keep a calendar with their daily tasks. You can have such kind of calendar on your computer, on your phone, or in the old-fashion way – written in your diary.

You could set your alarms to ring when the important event you have to attend comes. This way you will not forget that you have something planned for the time and the day and you will also not arrange two meetings for the same time.

#4 Have a good night sleep

The next thing you need to do if you want to be organized and to have the energy to deal with your daily tasks is to have a healthy lifestyle. You can start with having good night sleep every night. You need to make sure you go to bed early, at about 11 pm at the latest.

You also should forget about watching TV and using your phone and computer at least half an hour before going to bed. This way your body will be prepared for sleeping and your sleep will not be disturbed. You should not sleep with the lights on and you can wear a sleeping mask so that your eyes are not irritated by the light.


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