Things You Must Do When in Bora Bora
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Things You Must Do When in Bora Bora

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Bora Bora, or not wanting to go there. This place could be describes just with one word, and it is “Paradise”. In fact, it really is a piece of paradise here on earth, which reminds us how lucky we are to have such amazing nature and to warn us that we should protect it.

If you are one of the people who have not yet been to Bora Bora, but intends to do it sometime soon, you should know that it is important to organize your vacation well. This is because one can do a lot of things in Bora Bora and if they do not spend their time well, they will manage to experience as many things as possible. Here are some of the most interesting things you must do in Bora Bora.

#1 Go on underwater safari

If you go to Africa, you will undoubtedly be advised to go on safari, and if you go to Bora Bora, you will also be advised to go on one. However, this one is no ordinary safari, but an underwater one. How many places in the world can offer this kind of experience exactly? Not many, so when you go to Bora Bora be sure to go on underwater safari.

You may think that it is like scuba diving, but it is not. You will have a big air-supplied helmet to help you look around more freely and you will not be swimming, but more of a walking. Any of the safari-goers will have the chance to take a look at the lavish marine world of Bora Bora, which includes hundreds of fish species and corals. The whole safari tour is about 2 hours, and includes a boat tour to the place where the passengers dive.

#2 Take a glass-bottom boat tour

There are a lot of people who cannot swim or have claustrophobia that would be scared to take the underwater safari tour, but this does not mean that they will not see the beautiful underwater world of Bora Bora. If you are one of these people, do not worry. Just take a bottom-glass tour. There are boats with glass bottom which allows their passengers to have a look at Bora Bora’s underwater flora and fauna without getting themselves wet. If you take this tour, you could even notice more interesting things than you would when being underwater yourself.

#3 Try standing up on a paddle board

If you search online for some pictures of fun activities to do in Bora Bora, there is just no way to miss the paddle board. This is a normal surf board, but instead of catching the waves with it, you ride it standing up with the help of an oar. Do not worry if you find it too difficult at first. Eventually you will become better at it and not even need an instructor to teach you what to do and how to keep your balance.

#4 Have a romantic dinner in the sea

Bora Bora is a perfect place to go for a honeymoon, because it is very romantic and it offers a lot of romantic activities. One of the top ones, however, is having lunch in the sea. No, it does not require a boat. You will dine on a table, sitting on a chair, but instead on the ground, or in this case – on the sand, your legs will be in the ocean, which means that you will be literary having dinner in the water. This kind of dinner is perfect for anyone who cannot get enough of the ocean.

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