The Top Hair Care Mistakes Women Make
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The Top Hair Care Mistakes Women Make


There are a lot of women who care a lot for their hair. They want it to be shiny and sleek and, of course, split-end-free. However, this is not an easy task. Different women have different type of hair. Some may need to care extra for their hair, but women in general should not neglect their hair care.

Today we have decided to look for the most common hair care mistakes and to help you avoid them as much as possible. So, check them out!

#1 Using the wrong shampoo

The first of the mistakes in our list which are connected to the health and strength of your hair is using a shampoo that in not suitable for your hair. First of all, you need to know your hair type, oily, dry, etc. And then to use the right shampoo for you.

There could be some bad consequences to your hair just because of the wrong choice of shampoo. That is why you need to be careful when you choose a shampoo. If you notice that some shampoo is not good for your hair, even if it suits your hair type, you need to change it immediately.

#2 Washing your hair too frequently or not frequently enough

The next mistake women make when it comes to their hair is the period between the washing of their hair. Some women wash their hair every day. Other women wash their hair once or twice a week. Both these periods between the washing of one’s hair are not correct. The more you wash your hair, the greasier it will get.

That is why one should not wash their hair every day because it is bad for the hair. It is also wrong to wash one’s hair once or twice a week, or more rarely even. This is because when your hair gets too oily, it also has damaging effect to the hair. It is best to wash your hair in 1 or 2 days. This is the best time period between the washings of one’s hair.

#3 Wrong water temperature

The next mistake which has bad effect on one’s hair is the wrong temperature of the water you wash your hair with. Many people take very hot showers which is not entirely good. You may feel nice and warm, but the hot water has negative effect on one’s hair and skin especially.

It is much better to wash your hair with cool water, or at least lukewarm water and not hot. This is because hot temperature activates the oil-producing glands and thus the production of oil of your hair increases. This way your hair get oilier more quickly.

Hot water is bad for your skin as well because it dries it and makes it grow older. This way you may end up having dry and wrinkled skin early in your life, so be careful about the temperature you wash your hair and body with.

#4 Drying your hair in a wrong way

The next mistake is very common among women. They do not know the right way to dry and blow-dry their hair and thus they make them frequently.

First of all, women wrap their hair in a towel to help it get dry. This may sound illogical to you, but in fact, if your hair is very wet and you wrap it firmly in a towel, you actually will damage it. This is because when your hair is wet it is extremely fragile and the firm wrapping with a towel can very easily break the hairs and make them weaker.

What you can do about it is to wait for some time until your hair is not very wet and then to dap it with a towel, or even better, with a cotton t-shirt you are no longer wearing. The cotton fabric of the t-shirt is much less damaging to one’s hair and this way you will not break as much of your hair.

#5 Blow-drying your hair in a wrong way

As you know, heating is not good for your hair. The more you use hairdryers and flat and curling irons, the more you damage your hair. This is why you need to learn how to correctly blow-dry your hair.

First of all, your hair should not be very wet, but rather damp. Wait for at least half an hour after you have washed your hair and then blow dry it.

Another thing you should do when you blow-dry your hair is not to keep the hairdryer on full blast and not to keep it too close to your hair. This way you will damage your hair less.

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