The Small Changes Really Do Matter
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The Small Changes Really Do Matter

Today, ladies, we will talk about sufficiency, rather than frequency about your workouts. Sometimes you work out for weeks and the desired result still doesn’t come, it doesn’t even show a little bit, which will be enough to motivate you to keep going with the great fitness routine. There are two logical explanations for this:

The one that I think is less possible, is that you are not matching your workouts with proper meals. I really doubt that, because the workouts they make you to behave more dedicated which leads to clean eating. But yet, there is a small chance that you are working hard at the gym or on the stadium, during the day you eat in a wrong way. Maybe you can’t notice it, but even the small amount of food is an obstacle for the achieving of your goal if it is not the right type of food. Yesterday I watched a movie, it is called Fed Up, this movie touched me really deep, because it shows the deep problem of the American people and the huge problem of obesity. We try to eat healthier, but the food companies don’t allow us to do so, because of the little tricks they do in order to make us buy the unhealthy foods. The people who owns the food companies think all about the profit and they skip to care about the health of a whole country. For instance, they put sugar in every processed food. Do you know how much sugar your body can take without getting fat? Four tablespoons.That’s it. According to the researches in the movie, an average American person takes about 20 tablespoons, which is 16 tablespoons over the limit. All this sugar is stored in the body as fat. The products that are “sugar-free” or “less-sugary” are not vegetables after all. The point is to eat homemade food. Cook your dinner at home and buy real products. Go to the local vegetable market and buy tomatoes for the sauce, don’t use canned tomato sauce for instance. The small things will make the difference. Remember, everything that comes in packages, bottles and cans is not real food and it is not good for your health!


Ok, let’s say that you are eating right and you are working out regularly, at least 4 times per week, which includes cardio exercises if your goal is to lose weight. Everything sounds great, but it has been weeks since your last improvement and the clothes are still too tight on your legs or waist. The number on the scales still doesn’t move. How is that even possible? The human’s body is one extremely smart machine. It knows and it remembers, it adjusts according to the environment and it gets used to with every kind of routine you put it through. Which means, that the only logical solution is to give the body another, different routine; level up the things and this small change should do the rest of the work, the goals will be achieved. In fact, the scientific explanation is rather simple – when you do your exercises, you put the body into stress and when you leave the gym, the body starts to recover from the stress and it learns how to handle it the next time this happens to it. Which means that every time you do the same workout for the same amount of time, the body burns fewer calories and less fat.That’s why you should switch the workout every four to six weeks, the specialists say. Of course, you should start with small changes, for instance, you can perform more reps or sets by using the same weight you’ve been using recently, but you can also perform the same amount of reps and sets, but level up the weight. It doesn’t sound so scary. The point is to push your boundaries and I’m sure that you will be gladly amazed by the results after a while, also, you will enjoy the strength of your body and how far away you are from the point of the beginning. Enjoy and keep pushing your body!

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