The Shape of Your Lipstick Tip Says a Lot About Your Personality

The Shape of Your Lipstick Tip Says a Lot About Your Personality

We apply our lipstick frivolously as a frequent routine and we barely think about some details about this simple act. You know that when the lipstick is applied, its tip takes a certain shape because of the constant application. When the material transfers on the skin of the lips it reduces its quantity and it has to take a certain shape. The way you put it on your lips leads to the inevitable creation of a certain shape. Today we will discuss together the possible shapes of the lipstick tips and what does it mean to your personality. Take a look:

  • Sharp angles at both of the sides. Here is what the beauty experts have in mind for your personality, if your lipstick looks like this: you are beautiful, smart and a true flirter. You are outgoing and you love having friends over to play different games and to party a lot together.

  • Sharp angled box curved top. You love taking control over all kinds of situations. You love following rules and you try to make the others to follow them too. You worry about disappointing people and you rely on others’ opinion. You take your decisions very consciously and you you don’t like taking some risks. You are also very empathetic and lovable person.

  • Flat top. You are the charming queen. People find you very funny and they laugh at all your jokes simply because they are funny.

  • Rounded smooth tip. You are quite a controversial person. People can love you and hate you at the same time without any particular reason. But you are good with people. Your true friends – the ones that won your trust, can rely on you completely.

  • Flat top concave. You are a reliable person, who stands behind her words. Whenever you start some kind of project, you will never leave it unfinished no matter what. You are curious about the life, about the human behavior, about the whole Universe.

  • Sharp-angled tip. You don’t like to create a mess, because you hate cleaning it. This is what the tip of your lipstick says about you. You are very practical and wise person.

And now, girls, take a look at your lipstick and tell me what you see!

CHIKK lipstick shape reveals your personality

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