The Right Way to Fill In Brows

The Right Way to Fill In Brows



Perfectly contoured bushy eyebrows can totally change the expression of your face, making you look more dramatic, sensual and memorable. The new beauty trends encourage having bold, well-defined brows. You don’t have to go to beauty school to be an expert in your own eyebrows. Filling in your eyebrows is one of those beauty steps where a little bit of effort goes a long way, but it’s easy to make a mess of it if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Step 1: Clean brows will give you the best results. Brush all hairs upward with an eyebrow grooming brush or with a clean mascara brush.


Step 2: Now, grab a sharp brown pencil and draw a line right underneath the eyebrow. Start plucking all the hairs below the brown line. If you want your arch to be higher, pluck some hairs underneath the brow arch.


Step 3: Then, add a thin line right above your eyebrow to define it.


Step 4: For the most natural look, add a coloured brow powder to brows. Start by using short, light strokes that mimic the length of your eyebrow hairs. Using a pigmented powder to fill and define brows is one of the easiest ways to achieve a natural looking finish. Blend this into your skin, and the lighter edges will make your bold brows pop!


Step 5: Use some light foundation around your brows to give them an ultra-defined look.


Step 6: Using a Q-tip, clean up the edges of your brows and make sure none of the colour is outside your arch. It is best to set your brows with a brow gel to really lock the hairs in place all day. Now you can use this magic trick every time you need to shape and define your brows.





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