The Phony Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

The Phony Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial


A ponytail is one of the most common hairstyles that women can wear because it is the perfect hairstyle for special occasions as well as for everyday looks. Also, because it can be done in less than five minutes, a ponytail hairstyle is the perfect choice for the busy morning when you are in a hurry. There are a lot of ways to style a ponytail and people consider it infinitely versatile. For example, you can create it textured, straight, high or low, as you like. This particular tutorial will show you how to make the phony ponytail, making it sleek and high.

You will need a few things, so make sure they are around you before you begin. Grab a hairbrush, a comb, a hairspray and two or three hair bands.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is brush your hair nicely. Straighten it with a flat iron to make sure that it is completely sleek and perfect. Next, take all the hair that falls behind the ears and put it in a ponytail. Your ponytail should be just above that bone you can feel in the back of your head (called the occipital bone). This is because you want your ponytail to sit on the part of your head that curves up! This makes it more “perky”.

Step 2: Use a comb to sleek the hair so that when it’s in the ponytail, you don’t have any kinks.

Step 3: Spray with a little hairspray just in case.

Step 4: Next, gather all of the hair from the outer section.

Step 5: Start brushing it with a soft-bristled smoothing brush like the one you see above.

Step 6: For a high, swingy pony, secure hair with two elastics.

Step 7: Spray a strong holding hairspray directly on to your smoothing brush.

Step 8: Use that to smooth down any flyaways. Give it a final spray of strong hold hairspray all over and Voila!

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