The Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial

The Perfect Eyeliner Tutorial


The eyeliner makeup design is a simple makeup design, but it is a classic one. And as long as it is a classic design, then you must know that it is the best makeup look. You can use the cat-eye liner design for both elegant look and not-so-elegant look. The occasion is not important now. The important thing is to learn how to apply it the rightful way. This is when I come to help. All you have to do is to follow these detailed steps. Here we go:

  • If you want to save the eyeliner to last longer, you must apply a primer first. The best primer for the cat-eye liner is the tinted one. The color of the lids must be the very same as the color of the skin. This doesn’t happen naturally, because the skin of the lids is too thin and the blood, running through the veins can be seen through the thin lid skin. The tinted primer fixes that mistake and the complexion of the lids becomes the same as the complexion of the surrounding facial skin.

  • Once the lids are prepared, you can take the action and start with the application of the colors. I will show you one very simple trick for making the perfect wing of your eyeliner – draw a guideline with white pencil.

  • Then, draw the flick with the black color on top of the white one. Not only that it will be easier for you to draw a precise line, but also, the white base will work as a stronger primer for the flick and it won’t smudge away for sure.

  • When you are ready with the flick, trace the lash line with the black color too.

  • At the end, seal the deal with a thick coat of mascara.

  • All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas and designs. Have fun!

the perfect eyeliner tutorial

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