The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Sunscreen

The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Sunscreen

Everybody should know how important is applying sun cream on their bodies in the summer, especially when they go to the beach. Thus a lot of people are used to it, but in the end some of them are sunburnt. What do they do wrong so that in the end the consequences are disastrous? Here are the most common mistakes people make with sunscreen, and just try to avoid them.

Not applying enough sun cream

Sun rays, even though very warm on the body, could have some disastrous effects. If you think that a small amount of sun cream lotion will protect you from the strong sun in the summer, you are very wrong. You need to apply at least 250 milliliters of lotion all over your body. You should not forget about your face as well. Of course, if you apply the lesser amount of it, does not mean that you will burn. The more sun cream you apply, the more protected from the sun rays will be your skin. There is also another thing you should not forget, and that is to reapply the sun cream.

Forgetting to reapply sun cream

When you go to the beach, or the pool, people will hardly think about applying more and more sunscreen over and over again. According to them one time is enough and that is usually when they arrive. Later they forget all about it and think that the first layer of lotion still works. As you can imagine, this is wrong. You may think that sunscreen is waterproof, but it’s not. Once you go in the water, the protective layer of sun cream is washed away, and your skin is exposed to the sun completely. If you want to avoid certain problems with the sun effects on the skin, they remember to reapply sun cream every time you go out of the water.

Buying the wrong SPF

Many people think that the higher number of the SPF (sun protection factor) is, the more they are protecting their skin. However, the number of the SPF number has nothing to do with the amount of protection against the sun. The number correlates to the time the sunscreen has an effect on the skin. In other words, the higher the number of the SPF is, the longer you may stay under the sun rays without need to reapply it (this is only true when we do not talk about swimming in the pool or the sea, when you do this you need to apply an amount of sunscreen no matter what the SPF number is).

Not rubbing in sprays

Sprays are much easier to apply than the regular sun creams which require a lot of effort and constant rubbing until everything is absorbed into the skin, and even then there are small white spots which keep reminding you that you still have rubbing to do. Even thought sprays tend to be more extensively used which results in buying a new one soon, they are much easier to apply. Maybe this is why most people forget that sprays also need to be rubbed in so that they have the effect needed. When you spray on your body and rub it on your skin you will also be able to save some of its amount and thus you will use the spray longer.

Not using it

It does not matter how white or dark your skin in, you should always, and remember, always, use sunscreens. This is a mistake some of the people with darker skin make. Just because they are not able to turn red like the people with whiter complexion, this does not mean that they are protected from the sun. You should be never too careful with the sun, because it can not only make your skin grow older, but it can even lead to a skin cancer. So be careful!

Not applying it when at home

Some people think that just because they are in there is no need to apply sun protection. An interesting fact is that they are wrong, you still need protection when you are inside because of all the windows. Sun rays can reach your skin through them as much as you do not like to hear it. You should also not forget to apply sunscreen when you are traveling by car. Avoid the awful half tan, which unfortunately a lot of drivers have because one of their sides is more exposed to the sun. You can also put sun protecting panels on your car windows so that you are fully protected. Another mistake people make is not to apply sunscreen under their clothes. A very unpleasant fact is that the sun can reach your skin even through your clothes, so before going out do not forget your usual amount of sunscreen.

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