The Make Up Trends of This Summer
Close-up of juicy female lips with pink lipstick

The Make Up Trends of This Summer

Every summer has a story. And every summer has its own trends. Colors, patterns, fabrics – it is all a big science. But one of the things people sometimes forget that can or can not be fashionable is the way we apply make up. And actually the make up we apply.

Trends in make up can be things like the full brows or the red lipstick. And this summer is no different. It has its own special ‘effects’ when it comes to make up and you must learn about them:

  • Bright Orange Lips

    Orange comes in many different hues. No matter which one you pick you will stand out, because it is a bold decision.

    There are the neons. Which strangely look amazingly beautiful on all skin colors. But imagine wearing it after catching some tan – hot, right? Of course when wearing a neon color on your lips it is good to be careful with everything else you are trying to pull of, like accessories and eye make up. In this case simple will be better.

    Another more subtle and totally different option with orange is the coral one. It is easier to pull of, because it can be combines with more things without looking ridiculous. Here you can add some brownish eye make up, that will compliment the lips.

  • Winged Blue Eyeliner

    When it comes to eyeliner many different shapes have been a trend. It is thing that can be experimented with and it still looks classy. But have you ever thought about colorful eyeliner? It is bolder than the black one and if you do it in a classical shape like winged.

    Blue is one of the most beautiful colors of the summer. And the good thing is that all eye colors can pull of blue eye make up. Of course it is not for every skin tone, so just choose the right blue shade for your skin. The best way to apply it is with a pencil eyeliner, because they usually make those in amazing colors.

    But remember – don’t go over the whole upper lashline. Rather than that start at the middle and draw your way to the outer corner, where you make a wing.

  • Juicy Pink Lips

    After we have talked about the bold orange, let’s not forget the juicy pink. It is not something we have not seen before, but it is something people forget to use on their lips and it is beautiful and sexy.

    I would advise you to firstly outline your lips with some nude pencil. This will make them appear bigger and will make the color look juicier. Then apply the main color which should be a hot pink you like. Finish off with some clear gloss or gloss that has some shimmer to it. This will make the lipstick long lasting and glossy is perfect for summer.

  • White Eye Liner

    Blue eyeliner is bold. But what about white eyeliner on sun kissed summer skin? It is beautiful and innocent in a way, yet sexy and vulgar in some other twisted reality.

    In summer we need fresh and we need different. So what is more different from black eyeliner then white? White eyeliner is an easy one to applied and also it make you look fresher and more awake. Also it will make your eyes look bigger, which as an effect many women seek.

    You need a white that is totally shimmer free. It should be clear, because either way it will give you a wintery look, that is probably good if you lived in an ice world and were a queen.

  • Barefaced Beauty

    I think all women are beautiful and there is nothing that can show your beauty as much as a bare face. No make up or minimal amounts of it let your natural beauty shine, which is important!

    If though you are a person who is not confident about their own skin you can apply some make up. But go for the no make up, make up look. Probably some tinted moisturizer is all that you need. Then add some lip balm and you will be sexy and fresh. You don’t need 10 layers of make up to look good and this is something you should never forget!

  • Mellow Yellow

    Yellow is a color of summer. It brings sunshine, joy and happiness. And it also look good on those summer landscapes all around us.

    There are many different shades of yellow. And they all look differently and represent different things. I would always go for the sunny mellow yellow. It is the only yellow that kind of suits everyone.

    When choosing yellow you can be as bold as a person can go. The simplest thing ever is to paint your nails yellow. And that might not be bold, but it looks beautiful and sexy. Then you can add some yellow to your eye make up. And for the boldest of you – go for yellow lips. It might not be your lip color for the office, but it is good one for the beach or a party this summer.


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