The Fragrances which will Make Your Journey More Pleasant
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The Fragrances which will Make Your Journey More Pleasant

Travelling is one of the most adored activities in the world. People say that they love it so much because it relaxes them and makes their soul richer. However, this does not mean there are no problems when you travel. Sometimes you may have your luggage stolen, other times you may not like your accommodation, or you may simply be jet lagged or home sick.

And how to deal with this problems quickly so they do not ruin our vacation? Just get in a good mood by keeping some of this relaxing fragrances during your journey. See which they are and make sure you keep your favorite ones with you on your journey.

#1 Baby powder

Who does not remember the fresh and clean smell of babies? This is probably the most gentle and heart-melting fragrance anyone can think of. If you want to be sure that there is no stress while you are travelling, bring some baby powder with you. Smell it every time you feel uncomfortable or nervous.

The smell of baby powder relaxes you because it awakes childhood memories, and even subconsciously, your baby memories of the days when you had no obligations, but only careless free time.

Besides, baby powder will not only work wonders for your emotional state, but you can also use it when your hair is a little greasy, but you do not have time to wash it.

#2 Vanilla

Ah, the sweet smell of vanilla…. It reminds most people of home and their mother who has prepared some kind of cake ready to eaten. Some love experts recommend of spraying a little vanilla perfume before you go on a date with a boy. This way he will fall for you almost immediately. The vanilla fragrance reminds men of their mothers and they feel comfortable in the company of the woman they are on a date with.

And if you are travelling, you can also bring some of the vanilla fragrance with you to sooth your nerves. The smell of vanilla relaxes people and it works wonders for their sleep. If you are afraid that you will be get lagged when you travel, make sure you have vanilla fragrance with you. It has a calming effect.

#3 Lavender

A lot of people use air fresheners that smell of lavender. This is often because it brings fresh and clean sense when you are in the room. Studies, however, have shown that this is not the only reason people prefer to use lavender air fresheners. It is also because the smell of lavender evokes a sense of comfort and even dizziness. If you bring some lavender fragrance with you on your journey, you will make your accommodation feel more like home. Thus, you will feel secure and relaxed.

#4 Cucumbers

Here is a fragrance that you surely did not expect, did you? Cucumbers are a kind of food, so why would you want to smell it while you are travelling? The answer is simple. First of all, cucumbers leave a sense a freshness with you. A lot of shampoos, moisturizing creams and soaps use cucumber extracts to sooth the skin.

However, this smell subconsciously reminds you of cleanness and freshness. And this is not all. Cucumbers are usually eaten in the summer. Imagine this: having a delicious fresh cucumber salad in the garden under the clear blue summer sky, when there are not troubles, but only carefree life. This is why bringing a cucumber fragrance with you on your journey will make you feel better and relaxed.

#5 Chamomile

Manu people have a cup of chamomile tea when they are stressed or under a lot of pressure. People think that it relaxes them. However, study showed that chamomile has the effect of placebo – people only think that it is relaxing them and this is why it does so. After all, sometimes the important thing is the end result and not the process of getting there.

People often link the smell of chamomile to a feeling of relaxation. And this is why you should bring some chamomile fragrance with you on your journey. Or you can just bet some chamomile tea bags to prepare some hot teat. It will sooth your body, even if it is only because of the placebo effect.

#6 Sun cream

Here is another interesting smell that you probably did not expect to see in the list. But try this. Get some sun cream and smell it. What is the first thought that comes to your mind – your last vacation, swimming in the sea, or simply sunbathing? Whatever it is it is most likely to bring a lot of good emotions and memories. If you feel homesick while you are travelling, smell some sun cream and you will remember how wonderful a vacation may be.


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