The Dirtiest Parts in an Office Which You Need to Be Extra Careful about
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The Dirtiest Parts in an Office Which You Need to Be Extra Careful about

There are certain objects in an office which are considered to be the dirtiest ones. This is usually because a lot of people touch them and there are different bacteria that are spread there. That is why you need to know which these places are and to clean them regularly, or to wash your hands after you have used them. Today we have prepared a list of the parts of your office that are the dirtiest. Check them out!

#1 Water dispenser

The first one in our list is the water dispenser. One would not think that it is so dirty in first place, but think about the number of people that go there to pour themselves a glass of water. Think about how many of them have not washed their hands and spread bacteria on and around the dispenser. If you want to pour yourself a glass of water, you need to clean this part of which people touch the most and the spout. You will do yourself a favor if you do.

#2 Liquid soap dosimeter

The next thing in out list is not only one of the dirtiest items in an office, but in every other place. This is the liquid soap dosimeter. People know that it is a matter of good hygiene to wash their hands with liquid soap. This way they would not use the same hard soap everybody else in the office use.

However, you still need to press the dosimeter in order to use it. And that is where all the bacteria are. There are some dosimeters which are more sanitary. They are the sensor ones, but not all offices have such yet. Just have it in mind when you use the soap dosimeter the next time.

#3 Your desk

One can hardly think about the fact that their desk may not be as clean as they have thought it it. In fact, one’s desk is a dirty place and researches show that there may be 400 times more bacteria on one’s desk compared to the toilet seat. This is because a lot of things could get piled up on it and as a result bacteria spread there easily.

If you want to keep your desk clean and not to be a threat to your health, then you need to clean it at least once a week with some antibacterial solution.

#4 Keyboard

The next thing which makes sense to be one of the dirtiest items in an office is the keyboard. The reason is simple – it is one of the items that you touch the most and even if you want it or not sometimes you forget to wash your hands before you start using the keyboard. This way you spread germs on it.

And the more you use the keyboard without washing your hands, the more germs you will spread on it. And not only this, but sometimes even accidentally you may cause this place to get dirty. There could be some food particles that get in between the keys of the keyboard, or you could stain it with some sweat and dead skin cells even.

And as a result, it becomes one of the dirtiest items in an office. And let’s just not mention the fact that there may be other people who use the same keyboard. It will be just a fair of germs there. That is why you need to remember cleaning it every now and again. You will only do yourself good this way.

#5 Headphones

The next item that is quite a dirty one is the headphones. People would not think of it as such an item, because they put it on their ears and do not use it with their hands. And that is exactly why it is such a dirty item. People do not mind borrowing their colleagues’ headphones and that is a problem. They will hardly clean their headphones and this way some earwax, germs, sweat even can end up on the surface of it.

The spreading of all of these things can lead to some kind of inflammations and people may even end up having some allergic reactions because of them. That is why you need to clean any headphones that you borrow from your colleagues and you need to clean yours as well.

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