The Cut Crease Party Makeup Look

The Cut Crease Party Makeup Look


Are you going out with the girls tonight? This tutorial will show you how to achieve the magnificent cut crease eye effect shimmery shadows for glamorous finish. Do not worry if you are a beginner at applying makeup, everything is explained! Are you ready? Let’s start with the first step of this cut crease eyeshadow tutorial.

Step 1: Apply primer all over your eyelid to prepare the skin for the makeup application. To highlight your brow bone, use a soft white or cream colour directly under the eyebrow along the arch. Grab dark brown eye pencil and apply it across the crease line. Use a single swipe to distribute the colour. Keep your eyes open when applying the crease shade, as this will help you recreate the illusion of a crease with ease. It is best to choose a nice creamy formula as it will help in easy blending the product afterwards.

Step 2: Now apply black shadow to the outer corner of the lid. Then, apply the same colour underneath the lash line in a thick swipe. Once this is done, add brown shadow to the crease line to blend the pencil line.

Step 3: Press a sparkly green shadow to the centre of the lid all the way to the crease and softly blend the edges.

Step 4: Add a pop of glitter to the inner corner of the lid. This will make the whole eye makeup even more glamorous.

Step 5: With the help of your liquid eyeliner, gently outline your upper and lower lash line. For a more precise angle of your winged liner, draw the flick toward the end of your eyebrow.

Step 6: As a final step, apply black mascara on your lashes. For the top lashes, look straight forward in the mirror, take the wand, place it at the base of your lash line and use back-and-forth motions to distribute the color. When it comes to the bottom lashes, switch to a waterproof formula as it works best on lower lashes, preventing the color from smudging.

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