The Burgers of This Summer

The Burgers of This Summer

The summer is not really the season of burgers. At least in my mind. Because it is too hot and burgers seem to be too greasy at times. But if you really want to commit there are burgers you can make at home for yourself and probably at a garden party and enjoy, because they will be amazingly delicious. The trick to making burgers at home is to invest in good ingredients and not put oily stuff.

The great thing about making burgers at home is the fact that you can do with them whatever you like. And at the end of the day no one will see you how you struggle to eat the burger. Because it is always a big mess. Things falling out of the sandwich and ketchup and other things on your face. Not pretty, right?

What else I like about making burgers at home is that in summer when I have garden parties at my house I can easily make burgers for my guests. And the other upside is that they can be different in size and some can be with meat, other with fish and some can be vegetarian or vegan. And having that much choice when making something so simple is good. You can never go wrong and you can impress your guests. Add a bier or some other soft drink and you are good to go.

Ground salmon

One of my favorite things in the sea world is salmon. I love its taste and I have mastered cooking with it. I love salmon as a main dish or added to pasta or in this case – burger.

In this case you need ground salmon. If you can’t find one that is already ground ask the service staff at your grocery store to grind some for you. They will ever say ‘No’ if you are polite. You need it grounded to make your cooking easier. When you get home you need to make the salmon into patties. This is the easiest way to make the fish ready for being put in the burger.

Knock an egg and add some bread crunches to it. Then put every piece of salmon in that mixture. This will make it stay put together and it will be way more crunchy and delicious. Herbs and pepper are a must. Then put the salmon on the grill or in a grilled pan. Prepare the burger bread and all the vegetables you want to add. Cook the salmon until pinkish. You can add the vegetables to the pan or grill and then warm the bread. Put everything in the bread and enjoy the tasty burger you just made!
Ground chicken

This summer the grounded burgers will be on ‘trend’. But this is good, because it is easy to cook and it is delicious. The chicken can be cooked similarly to the salmon. But you can also try a quite different recipe in order to be different. Adding some cheese is a good option. Onions (especially sweet ones) are cool too. They add a sweetness to everything without being too much.
This ground chicken must be made on a grill. Not that it won’t be delicious if you make it in a pan or fry it or whatever, but it will be tastier and mellower. Grill the meat. Then melt some cheddar cheese. This will make the taste as if it is all melting in your mouth. And that is one hell of a good feeling, when you eat. Some onion can be grilled too. As I said sweet onion. And then you can buy some salsa or make it at home if you have the nerves. Once you cheddar has melted out it on the bread. Immediately add the chicken and top with the onions and salsa. Enjoy while hot!

Ground tuna

If I have to be honest I was skeptical about this burger when I read the recipe. I didn’t really like the idea of a burger with tuna. Not that I don’t like tuna, but more because it is strange as an idea. Then one day I decided to try it and I loved it. A few days later I made it for some guests and it has been a hit ever since. So don’t hesitate, no matter how strange the idea sounds. Better to try something than to wonder if it might have been amazing.

The good thing here is that you don’t need anything special or expensive. Go get some canned tuna (if you don’t already have some lying at home). It is easy to work with and most of them are already with some herbs or pepper and some oil.

So how to do that ground tuna? Put what is in the can in a bowl. Add some mixed egg into it. Then crush everything, so that you get a good mixture. The egg will help the tuna to stay put while you cook it. Add some herbs if you want, but I wouldn’t. In my taste it is the best option to add salt and black and white pepper. Cook the tuna in a pan. Put it in warm burger bread. Add some lettuce, pickles and then top with honey mustard or mayonnaise. You will very much like this burger and you can have with beer, whine or a sider.

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