The Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

The Braided Mohawk Hairstyle



This is a hairstyle that works on not only long hair but medium length and shorter hair too. Now, we have outlined each step for this amazing and super cute braided Mohawk hairstyle.

Let’s get started! You will need a comb, hair clips, bobby pins, rubber bands and a light-hold hairspray.

Step 1: Use a clean comb, and slowly comb through the tangles of your hair. It’s best to comb out the ends first and then detangle a few inches higher repeatedly until you’ve done your whole length. Separate your hair into four sections. Divide the crown, both sides and the back and secure each one individually using hair clippers. Use a pin-tail comb to draw your chosen parting. Hold the comb perpendicular to your scalp, and then use the pointed end to draw a line through your hair.

Step 2: Working with sections, tease them to add volume to your hair. Grab the crown section which is not pinned behind your ears and backcomb it. The key is to avoid combing vigorously back and forth – this can damage your hair and cause breakage. Instead, brush downwards from above your roots, pull out the comb, and repeat.

Step 3: Start braiding your hair into a traditional French braid. While braiding, try not to ruin the volume you just created.

Step 4: Use your fingers and some spray wax to add texture to the hair.

Step 5: Keep it loose in your hands so you don’t lose the volume. Roll the end of the braid up and tuck it underneath to hide it

Step 6: Apply hairspray all over your braid.

Step 7: Release the two sides sections and braid them.

Step 8: Lay each one on top of the big braid and secure with a bobby pin. Wrap the hair low and tight around the back of the head.

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