The Best Hair Color for Your Eye Color
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The Best Hair Color for Your Eye Color

Many women get tired of their natural hair color. This is either because something happened in their lives and they want some change beginning with their hairstyle, or just because they are tired of their usual hairstyle and want to see how they will look with another hair color. However, sometimes we just do not know what hair color will look good on us.

Some women decide they want a certain color, but when they see the end result they do not like it because it just does not suit them. The problem is that they have to use chemicals on their hair so the color can be removed, or they have to wait for their hair to grow, which will take months.

So, if you do not want to face any such problems, there is a way you can find out what hair color will suit you just by considering your eye color. It is not only the eye color that you have to consider, but also your skin tone. Here is some little test you should try to determine which hair color will suit you the most.

Find out your skin undertone

Your skin undertone can also help you a lot in determining the best hair color for you. Here is how to find it. Look at your veins on your wrists. What color do they have? If it is more greenish one, then you have a warm undertone, and if it is more bluish, then you have a cool undertone.

If you still have any doubts, you may try the other test. Dress in white, but this means you have to be from head to toe in white. Then stand in front of a mirror in daylight, no unnatural light. If your face seems to have a goldish color, then it means you have warm undertone, and if it is more reddish, like having rosy cheekbone, then it means you have cool undertone.

After this is settled, it is time to move on to the combinations of eye color and skin undertone.

Blue eyes and cool skin undertone

If you this combination, then the best hair colors for you are all the blondes and brown shades, except from the reddish ones. When you are looking for a hair dye, choose one that has “ash” or “cool” on the description. Platinum blonde or ash blonde are the colors that will make your skin and especially eyes pop.

Blue eyes and warm skin undertone

If you have this combination, then the best hair colors for you are golden blonde, dark blonde, or chestnut. When you go shopping for hair dye, look for “beige”, “honey”, or “gold” to be written on the box. These will be the shades and colors that can complement your look the best. You can also color your hair in some red hue, especially if it is a lighter one, it will make your looks stand out.

Light brown eyes and cool skin undertone

Brown eyes in general have a lot of hair color options, because a lot of colors suit them. And if light brown hair is matched with cool skin undertone, you have even more options. However, the best ones for you are the variations from medium blonde to dark brown. You can also dye your hair in red shades. They will suit your looks.

Light brown eyes with warm skin undertone

If you have this combination, you will again look great with blonde or brown colors, especially if you combine the colors. For example, you can dye your in brown and add some highlights, this way you will be able to find the perfect match for your looks, both lighter and darker warm colors.

Green eyes

If you have green eyes with warm skin undertones, or even with olive skin, you can absolutely dye your hair in bronze or caramel colors. They will complement your eyes and skin. If you have nice tanned skin, you can also color your hair in chocolate brown. This color will complement your darker tanned skin.

If you have fair skin, like one with freckles, you can absolutely dye your hair in red, especially if you choose strong vibrant red color. Think of Emma Stone, she looks great with red hair.

Grey eyes

If you are one of the lucky people with gray eyes, choose a darker hair color. The blonde and red hues are not the best ones for you, while dark browns and black is the perfect match to your eyes. It does not matter whether you have light or darker skin, these colors will suit your looks great. Sometimes you can have other combinations, but it would be better if you stayed with the darker hues. They will suit you the best.

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