The Best Bridesmaids Gifts You Can Find
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The Best Bridesmaids Gifts You Can Find

At a wedding the bride and the groom are not the only people who receive gifts, after all there are also other important people who are part of the ceremony, like the bridesmaids. Sure, you can buy them some ordinary present, like a necklace or a bracelet, but this won’t be such a personal present, you need to make sure that your present has a special touch, a piece of you especially chosen for them. Here is a list of the best ideas for a bridesmaid gift which you can easily borrow.

Personalized Bridesmaids Necklaces

For your bridesmaids you should choose relatively similar presents so that you do not neglect one or the other, and yet you should make each presents more personal. What better way to show to your bridesmaids that you feel them equal close to you than giving them especially engraved puzzle necklace? This is a typical BFF’s necklace – each one of the three bridesmaids will have a piece of a heart. Engrave each piece with the name of the girl you are giving it to and you will make it even more precious to them. Or you can write something else, a phrase or a saying you associate with them. They would wear the necklaces for the wedding and the pictures will save the moment forever.


Floral Satin Robes

This is a very practical gift and at the same time interesting and elegant gift. Of course, the bridesmaids won’t have the opportunity to wear the robes on the wedding, but when they wear them at home, they will remember your wedding and the great moments you had together. If you want you can make this present much more personal, too. You can bring the robes to a seamstress who could write the names of your bridesmaids in small letters somewhere on the front of the robe. What’s better than an elegant, handy and personalized present like this?


Personalized Bridesmaid Wine

A bottle of wine as a present is a symbol of sophistication and class. A few bottles of wine for your bridesmaids will make them feel very special if you add a personal touch to them. You know that there are a lot of wineries where you can make your own wine – from the start when you will harvest the grapes, up to the final process of bottling it. There is nothing more special and personal than making the presents by yourself. Of course, it is not necessary than you do the wine. You can buy some wine and put it in specially made bottles. Write on each bottle the names of the bridesmaid you are going to give it to with some special wishes. For the final touch, put the bottle in an elegant box or a fabric bag and you will blow them away.


Crystal Encrusted Bridesmaid Top

This gift is very similar to the personalized bridesmaid necklace, but is more practical, as the floral satin robe. Give your bridesmaids a black or white colored vest to which their names have been written (each bridesmaid will receive a vest with her name). And on the back of it you could write “The best bridesmaid ever”, put a picture of all of your bridesmaids, or just add a picture of you and your partner and what an honor it would be for you to have her as a bridesmaid. There is a lot of space for being creative here. Another thing you can add is giving similar presents to the groomsmen – their tops to be in black or blue, and the bridesmaids’ tops to be in white or pink. Just use your imagination and the personal information for them.

Personalized Bridesmaid Necklace

Again, similar to the first necklace, but this one would not be part of a whole puzzle necklace. You can use this present if you have only one bridesmaid or if the girls you have chosen are not close friends themselves, one of them could be from your childhood, the other from university, and the last one from work. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should buy them different gifts. A heart-shape pendant necklace will do the job. Engrave it with the name of your bridesmaid on the front and “Thank you for being my bridesmaid” or “The best bridesmaid ever” in the back. Your present, thus, will be thoughtful, stylish, elegant, and at the same time sentimental and cute. Every woman’s heart will melt by the look of it, and do not be surprised if there are some tears.

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